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Duterte Made Remarks Against Smartmatic

President Rodrigo Duterte advises Commission on Elections to dispose Smartmatic and opt for a free from fraud contractor for the next election. 

Duterte’s Advise To COMELEC 

Duterte made the remark during his talk with the Filipino community in Japan for a working visit. In his speech, he expressed his desire to send caution to COMELEC, 

“I would like to advise Comelec now, di ko na lang hintayin. Dispose of that Smartmatic and look for a new one that is free of fraud.” 

Duterte Made Remarks Against Smartmatic 1

Put Under Review 

Malacañang said that the election result has been credible and argues that only a small portion of thousands of voting machines have experienced technical problems. Added to that, the Palace says that the delay in transmission of results from precincts to the COMELEC transparency server for the quick count shall not be a significant concern. 

Duterte Made Remarks Against Smartmatic 2

However, the Palace still insists that the COMELEC shall review the contract with Smartmatic after the glitches experienced, which delayed the voting process and the transmission of results in the recent poll.

Why Dispose of Smartmatic? 

On June 4, a hearing will take place following the technical glitches during the automated election. Duterte claims, 

“Ang Liberal sabi nila nadaya sila. Ako sabi nila nadaya rin. It’s creating an environment of hostile attitude against that Smartmatic.” 

3 Years To Prepare 

The president then adds that COMELEC has three years to prepare and tap another service provider that is free of fraud. He said, 

“If you use that in the next election three years from now I don’t know what will happen. Something has got to give. Improve on the systems. Stop using Smartmatic.”

Duterte Made Remarks Against Smartmatic 3

Duterte initially plans on disclosing such issue against the giant poll service provider during his next State of the Nation Address on July but announced it in Tokyo instead.


Smartmatic is a Venezuela-based technology service provider company that has been serving the Philippines since its first automated election. It has been allegedly involved with fraudulent transactions which are yet to prove. 

Source: GMA News Online

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