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Duterte Marks Kadamay Members As “Ill-maNnEred”

In a speech in Tagum City, President Rodrigo Duterte expressed dismay over Kadamay, an urban poor group mostly known for illegally occupying government houses. Bearing an anarchy type of ruling, the Kadamays take homes intended for the government’s uniformed personnel. 

Illegal Occupation of Kadamay Members 

In 2017, the Kadamay members took over houses for soldiers in Pandi, Bulacan. Meanwhile, in 2018, the Kadamay members occupy the state-funded houses for policemen and soldiers in Rodriguez, Rizal. They created chaos and made it hard for the police to control the situation at the time. 


President Duterte finds the urban poor group members as rud3 and ill-maNner3d. However, the fact that they are Filipinos, the president isn’t up for a confrontation with them. He asserts,

“The Kadamay members have no manners at all. But even if they are rud3, because they are Filipinos, I refused to fight them. Because if I do, there will be a confrontation.” 

He adds,

“They might shoot at us. I’m not prepared for that. That is the spirit of the government. I will not fight with you. Tell the people to just let them be. Their nails look like they haven’t seen a nail cutter yet.” 

More Compassion For The Urban Poor 

Recently, Duterte expressed more compassion for the Kadamay group; however, he does not permit anarchy. No hesitation of using force to enforce the law if deemed necessary. 

“Their nails are so thick, you need to take them to the shop and have their nails soaked in acetylene in order for them to be cut. And they look so pale.”

The Fight Goes On 

Despite such remarks from Duterte, the Kadamay group still vows to continue their advocacy, believing that they have the right to claim state-funded houses that are unoccupied. The fight continues for Kadamay and its allied groups. 

Source: GMA News

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