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Duterte Risk His Life And Declined To Use A Bulletproof Glass Panel

Once again, President Rodrigo Duterte showed his braveness as he refuses to be covered with bulletproof glass when he delivered his speech during his visit to General Santos City.

Distributing Land Titles

PRRD visited General Santos City to distribute land titles to its beneficiaries. A total of 12,548 certificates are given to the rightful owners.

However, minutes before Duterte’s speech, he ordered the Presidential Security Group to remove the bulletproof panel in his podium which was installed every time he speaks in an open arena. According to Brigadier-General Jose Eriel Niembra, commander of the PSG, the glass is part of security protocol to protect the president from any possible harm whenever he speaks in public.

Duterte Risk His Life And Declined To Use A Bulletproof Glass Panel 1

“Shoot the Generals Instead”

The president seems confident that he was secured enough for him to decide not to be covered with protective glass. He threatens his security that he will not speak if they will disobey his order. According to him, no one should try to shoot him as he was just serving his country.

“Why would you shoot me when I did nothing wrong to you? Just choose anyone from them here. They all came from the military. They are all generals. General, general, general. This one is from the PMA, a general. But don’t shoot us, politicians, because we are just serving you. Kindly remove this. Otherwise, I will not speak,” Duterte said.

“This glass isn’t intended to shield me from bullets. This was placed here so that I can see only my face. The reflection of this means I admire myself so much. But the truth about this is to prevent me from being shot from there,” he continues.

Duterte Risk His Life And Declined To Use A Bulletproof Glass Panel 2

An Act of Braveness

This action of the president received praises from the people of General Santos. For them, it was an act of braveness and confidence. It was not the first time that Duterte uses bulletproof glass. To recall, during his campaign rally in Malabon and Negros Occidental he was also seen using a protective glass.

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