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Eco-Friendly Themed Wedding: A New Trend

Nowadays, the practice and use of eco-friendly products are becoming popular. Eco-friendly is just literally not using harmful products or practices that will harm the environment and it is becoming a trend in the wedding industry.

A Look On Traditional Weddings

It is every woman’s desire to plan her dream wedding and as a little girl, we grew up imagining ourselves as the bride picturing a place with lots of flower and decoration. When the time comes, every tiniest detail is planned, from the dresses of the entourage down to the event and wedding program, whether it is a grand themed or budget wise wedding.

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A classic wedding is the most popular wedding theme of all time. Brides wear long white wedding gowns and grooms wear a black tuxedo and tie while walking down the aisle. Most of the time, receptions are held in a hotel, beach or villa complete with all the decorations but a wedding held in Sta. Catalina, Negros Occidental made a difference.

Why This Wedding Stood Out

The newlyweds Audre and Jan Valense Geconcillo admitted that they are both nature lovers and decided to incorporate it into their wedding. With the help of their family, they made use of available resources in the area thus making the reception eco-friendly and plastic free.

Eco-Friendly Themed Wedding: A New Trend 2
Eco-Friendly Themed Wedding: A New Trend 3
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Picture of the eco-friendly reception circulated around social media and netizens are amazed by the idea. The pictures that made rounds on Facebook are from the groom’s cousin. It showcased utensils made of bamboo, banana sheath, and banana leaves. Even the supposed table cloth was made from banana leaves.

Yummy Reception

This union did not only make the reception great with the eco-friendly utensils but with the good food too. Set like a fiesta in the vacant backyard, the couple filled their attendees’ bellies with good Filipino food. Food is divided into sections. Filipino dishes such as menudo, kaldereta, adobo and the star of every Filipino celebration, lechon. There are fresh fruits like watermelon, papaya, and makopa. For the dessert, they offered local Filipino rice cakes like bibingka, and kakanin and suman wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. They also served guests some cupcakes and cake. Guests can quench their thirst in the separate water station provided by the bride and groom.

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Eco-Friendly Themed Wedding: A New Trend 5
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Hopefully, more of these trends can be more popular. Not only is it promoting our culture but it’s helping our environment too.

Source: Facebook

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