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Even Dogs Have Lovelife Too

A photo of a dog trying to get a glimpse of his dog-crush inside a store recently went viral on social media. The netizens were amazed that even dogs find ways to see their loved ones, no matter how hard the situation is. It just proves the fact that even dogs have lovelife too.

Courtship Between Dogs

The dramatic scene between two dogs as you can see in this photo really melts the hearts of the netizens. The female dog is inside a sari-sari store while the other dog is outside the store “standing” to get a glimpse of his loved one.  This photo was captured in a store in Tondo, Manila by Kylie Medel.       

This well-timed photo captured the hearts of some netizens. They find the dog’s gesture as downright romantic. It seems like the dog Ram was courting the other one inside the store which is Miley. Very much similar to men courting the girl he is interested in.

Even Dogs Have Lovelife Too 1

Just Like Humans

It is fascinating that animals, especially domesticated animals like dogs have become very fond of humans and their deep attachments to us and their often association with us makes them behave as we do. The way they act like us is really amusing and we really find this kind of scenario very entertaining.

Dogs are really man’s best friend, and maybe because they are interacting with humans more often they intend to adopt some of our ways. Sometimes they feel like they are one of us. Dogs acting like humans is usually comical and there are many videos on the internet to prove our fascination about it.

And They Call It Puppy Love

It somehow reminds us of the timeless song which tells us about how young people equate infatuation with true love. The writer of the song called it puppy love. Sometimes, as much as we claim to be the most superior of animals, we can learn a thing or two from them, especially from dogs.

Meanwhile, why don’t we just all sing together, “And they called it puppy love, Oh, I guess they’ll never know, How a young heart really feels, And why I love her so”.


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