Former Barangay Councilor Shot With 8-Month-Old Son In His Arms

An ex-barangay Kagawad together with his father-in-law and a barangay tanod were ki11ed by unidentified gunmen just outside their home in Barangay Dita Rotonda, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Caught On CCTV

The incident, which happened last Wednesday, June 5, 2019 in broad daylight, was caught by the CCTV camera of the barangay and can be a key contributor in helping find the perpetrators of this gruesome crime.

In a video shared by Elgin Lazaro III on Facebook, he said that the Philippine flag hanging beside the CCTV camera served as the silent witness to the senseless crime which took the life of a former barangay councilman, his father-in-law and a barangay tanod.

D1ed With His Baby In His Arms

On the video taken from the CCTV cameras, the former barangay councilor Nestor Callanga, together with his father-in-law and a tanod had just gone out from his house carrying his 8-month-old son. They were about to board their car when a group of unidentified men alighted from a parked vehicle with guns drawn.

The gunmen suddenly peppered Callanga’s car with bullets, shot the tanod and the in-law with sheer cold-bloodedness. The suspects really wanted their victims dead since they opened the car door, and shot at Callanga point blank to make sure he’s d3ad. The same thing happened to the tanod who was shot again while already in the ground bleeding.

No Motive Yet

After the shooting, the suspects escaped using a red vehicle and a motorcycle. They even fired inside the house of Callanga to prevent the relatives from helping out the victims. Callanga and his father-in-law d1ed in the hospital while the tanod was d3ad on the spot.

As of the moment, the police is still clueless about the motive of the killing but is undergoing an investigation to identify and arrest the suspects of this gruesome murder. The 8-month-old baby was injured during the ambush and is now in the hospital for medication.

Here is the video of the gruesome incident:

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