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Frozen 2 Trailer Released: Elsa and Anna’s Parents are Alive?

Movie fans theorized that Elsa and Anna’s parents are alive. This speculation came up after the release of the trailer of Frozen 2.

In the original Frozen, Agnarr and Iduna, the sisters’ parents, as we all know, died on a shipwrecked. Or, did they survive?

On the movie teaser, Pabbie the Troll is shown talking to Elsa,

“The past is not what it seems, you must find the truth”.

This is a hint that the troll knows something about what happened to their parents. Why does he instruct them to go to Enchanted Land? Will it reveal the truth behind Elsa’s powers?

Together with Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf, they will have an adventurous journey going to the Enchanted Land. How will they get there? What are the challenges they may face?

Frozen 2 Trailer Released: Elsa and Anna's Parents are Alive? 1

The trailer also showed a woman looking through a window that exactly resembles Iduna, the sisters’ mother.  We never know if it is a moment from the past or a glimpse of where her parents are.

The highlight of the video, Elsa is trying to freeze the waves of the sea to be able to step on them. We can all remember that those kinds of stormy waves made her parents’ ship sank. Is this her process of testing her powers? Or is this the only way she can go to them?

There’s also an additional character that intrigues us; the horse emerges from the water which according to is a Nokk, a German legend which is a monster of the ocean that lures people. Then, why did it save Elsa? Is it a villain or a friend?

Overall, it is a must-watch movie this coming holiday season not just for kids but also for the fans of the original Frozen way back 2013.

The official movie trailer, uploaded on June 11, has 36 million views and still counting.  

According to Walt Disney Pictures, Frozen 2 will be in theaters on November 11.

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