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Go Submits Bill To Create OFW Department, Heeds Duterte’s Request

President Rodrigo Duterte encourages the Congress to pass a proposal that aims to create the Department of OFW as a government agency. In his speech in Araw ng Pasasalamat for OFWs at Camp Aguinaldo, Duterte declares, 

“Buong Pilipinas ‘to bawal na ‘yang recruitment diyan sa labas.” 

Rampant AbUs3 To OFWs 

The proposal started with the president’s dismay on the rampant 4bus3 that OFWs experience. He insists, 

“I have the power to do that because that kind of mechanism of recruiting Filipino workers abroad has been abUs3d and abUs3d and abUs3d at ang mga kababayan ko puro biktima, puro kawawa,” 

Go Submits Bill To Create OFW Department, Heeds Duterte's Request 1

Duterte warns recruitment agencies, 

“Kaya kayong mga recruitment, bilang talaga iang araw niyo. ‘Pag hindi ko kayo nadala sa usapan na maganda, brasuhan tayo.” 

Department of OFW

The president insists the Congress make a department intended to protect and secure the rights of OFWs. He targets to bring it to the table by December. Duterte believes that the department will be of great help for existing and incoming OFWs to expedite processing of papers. 

Go Submits Bill To Create OFW Department, Heeds Duterte's Request 2


Meanwhile, Senator Bong Go heeds to the president’s proposal and advice the latter to certify such order as “urgent bill.” There is a possibility that it could be achieved by December when things go smoothly. 

In addition to that, Go has submitted his version of the said bill. 

OFW Rights And Security 

OFWs, as our modern hero, have endured risks of getting abUs3d and taken advantage. It isn’t new to us to hear news about OFWs sc4mm3d by recruitment agencies and abUs3d by foreign employers. Some, if not most, are treated like animals, huRt them physically and emotionally. Our OFWs are already battling the challenges of living abroad, away from their family. They don’t deserve another headache and lousy treatment from employers. 

If the government permits to handle the OFWs, then it would be a relief for most of our overseas workers. 

Source: GMA News


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