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GOAT: A Surprising Dream Gift of a Kid on His Graduation Day

“I want a new pair of shoes, new clothes, mobile phones, and the likes”. Those are the usual things we expect to hear from kids nowadays if we ask them what gift would they like to have, but surprisingly, for the 11-year-old student Alwytz, he couldn’t care less for those material things. What he wanted for his graduation gift is a bit different, “I want a goat”, he said.

I Want a Goat

Alwytz Gaoiran is an 11-year-old student from Bacarra, Ilocos Norte. His mother is working in Kuwait, while his father is working as a part-time carpenter. One of his brothers is now working while five of them are studying.

“Before my graduation on April 3, my brother asks me what gift would I like to receive as a graduation gift, and I told him that I want a goat because I want to raise goats to help my family”, Alwytz said.

A Surprise Gift

April 3, 2019, on his graduation day, a surprise gift is waiting at his home. As he arrives home, he was surprised with a doe ( female goat), his gift. Nothing would compare with the happiness he has, and he named her goat Sinyang.

GOAT: A Surprising Dream Gift of a Kid on His Graduation Day 1
Source: ABS CBN

Ronnie, his father, said that it has always been his son’s dream to raise a goat but unfortunately, they weren’t able to grant it because of their financial situation. My son sees how difficult our financial situation is, and he would like to help by raising or breeding goats to save money for his college education, he added

A Son to be Proud of

Ronnie admires Alwytz and he is proud of his son. Alwytz is growing up to be kind and thoughtful. Other kids may ask for new gadgets and the likes but surprisingly, not for his son. He asked something that he can use to help his family.

GOAT: A Surprising Dream Gift of a Kid on His Graduation Day 2
Source: ABS CBN

Alwytz is now happily caring Sinyang. According to his dad, they can raise and breed Sinyang – they can earn money afterward, and will able to save for the college education of Alwytz.

Source: ABS CBN

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