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Grab: A Delivery Of Dedicated Hardwork

Food deliveries are instant answers to grab food without the hassle of being on the road to buy it yourself. Delivery guys are on the go to do this job, but we never knew the story behind their hard work.

Tired but still going

A girl saw this grab food delivery guy and took a picture of him. She uploaded the photo on Facebook out of sympathy for the said guy. It has earned a lot of positive comments from the people as well as those who have the same job. He fell asleep on the table while waiting for his order to arrive in the restaurant. Even the crew didn’t want to bother him from his sleep when he had served the meal. He looked really tired from an all-day job to bring orders to the people. No matter how exhausted he is, his dedication to his job matters to him.

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What it takes to be like them

Most of the time we tend to care less for these delivery guys’ effort. Some become violent and rude when they’ve found something off with their order. We didn’t even realize that these people who receive our rants and complains have nothing to do with the preparation of our orders. Sometimes when we have second thoughts, we just cancel our order not minding if it’s already on their way. When we cancel, their commission or their salary for that day might be lessened. Or worse, they’ll pay for the canceled one. Another decrease in their anticipated income.

GrabFood x 🍟

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Posted by GrabFood PH on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Putting ourselves in their shoes

Grab delivery men are great people who serve and deliver our order in times when we get too busy and lazy to go out. Their main job is to secure our orders and deliver these on time. They get an insufficient salary for this job but they still push through. The main reason is, it’s a big help for them to support their family.

Let’s think about their stand too. Don’t be hard on them and give them the respect that they deserve. They struggle just to make us at ease. Let us all give them a warm smile and our sincere thank yous to appreciate their labor.


Source: Facebook

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