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How To Look Regal Without The Hefty Price Tag?

If you enjoy a functional yet minimalist wardrobe then check out the royal style protocol. You might be surprised to know that royal fashion balances elegance with simplicity.

Following are practical and easy to borrow fashion rules that royal women live by:

The hemline should be in the appropriate length

First things first, royal women follow a modest dress code. So, they are not allowed to wear mini dresses and/or short skirts. The royal fashion rule is that they “should never be more than three or four inches above her knee“.

How To Look Regal Without The Hefty Price Tag? 1

The Duchess of Cambridge keeps a longer hemline that ends right at the knee. If you are petite, you want to make sure that your dress hits at the small part of your leg. Interestingly, the perfect hemline creates an illusion of slimmer and longer legs.  

Color-clashing  dresses are not allowed

The Queen can be seen in bright colors but she sticks to monochromatic palettes. For one thing, “she needs to stand out for people to be able to say, ‘I saw the queen.’ “according to her daughter in law, the Duchess of Wessex. Isn’t it justifiable?

How To Look Regal Without The Hefty Price Tag? 2

The Duchess of Cambridge enjoys bold colors, too. We see her in hot pink, purple, and golden yellow dresses. Thankfully, summery tones also flatter our Pinay warm skin tone. And remember that matching pieces in the same tone and material is sure to create a statement.

Hair and makeup should always be neat and natural

You won’t see any royal wearing funky hair colors or smokey makeup. Royal hair should always look naturally beautiful and neat while keeping subtle makeup. For this reason,  the slightly messy hair bun of the Duchess of Sussex seems to abide by the rules. 

How To Look Regal Without The Hefty Price Tag? 3

Choose the right earth tones for your skin tone to achieve the perfect nude makeup look as well as enhance your natural beauty. And always keep a neat updo whether its a ponytail, a bun or a hair tuck.

Heels must not be too high

Undoubtedly,  high heels make you look taller. However, the royal women should keep their heels at six inches or under according to Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Apparently, this is to make sure they don’t wobble around and maybe so they don’t appear too tall.

How To Look Regal Without The Hefty Price Tag? 4

A pair of nude or black dress pumps offer versatility and is sure to add a royal vibe. If you want elegance and comfort all day long, then wear heels no more than 3 inches.  Keep in mind, though, that heels that are too high will make you look out of proportion.

Dress like a royal without breaking the bank

Indeed, the royal fashion is not all about luxury, its also about functionality that goes beyond tradition and fashion. Most importantly, you too can dress like a royal even with a commoner’s budget.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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