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Ice Buko Vendor, Honoured By Her Daughter On Her Graduation

Education is the key to success. A golden saying that people follow to reach their dreams. Here’s another story of a great person who strives hard to make his daughter’s dream become a reality. A great story that earned admiration from people around and went viral through social media.

The Story Behind His Hardships

Jerome Tan, an ice buko vendor from Urbiztondo, Pangasinan, did everything a father could offer to make his daughter fulfill her dream to finish her studies. With his height as short as 2 feet and 3 inches, he made it big by supporting and taking care of his kids despite of his situation.

He used his mini bike to sell ice buko around their barangay in order to suffice their family’s needs. His wife is an OFW and their kids were left to him for guidance.

A Big Reward For All His Struggles

According to Susan Enriquez’ report from GMA News TV “Balita Pilpinas”, Jinalyn Tan, daughter of Mang Jerome, uploaded a picture of them standing on the stage to express how proud she is to her father. In that particular date, she actually knelt down to put her hood on him.

Hihiram sana ako ng upuan kaso lumuhod na lang ako para mas magandang tingnan. Kinakabahan na ewan po..parang gusto ko umiyak sa kanilang harapan”, Jinalyn said.

Mang Jerome said that both he and his wife didn’t finish school that’s why they wish for their children to live a good life and finish their studies.

Hardships Paid Off

Parents want the best for their children. No matter how tough the situation may be, they will always find ways to provide everything for them. In their arms, they will find comfort and safety. They are the strongest foundation of the family.

Finally, Mang Jerome achieved one of their goals and considered it a big reward for all their efforts and sacrifice.

Masaya, para kang lumilipad sa hangin”, he said with all smiles.


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