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Is Trillanes Gay? Duterte, A Former Gay Wants To Know

It is common knowledge that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is over at each other’s throat for years already because each of them are trying to bite back at each other.

The big question

Just recently, PRRD went on an official trip to Japan which resulted to millions of investments and thousands of jobs for the Filipino people.

During his speech in front of the Filipino Community there, he asked the LGBT community there if they think that the said lawmaker is gay.

“Ang bakla marunong magtingin yan so kayong mga bakla, tanungin ko kayo, ano si Trillanes (Gays can sense and identify fellow gays.  Now I ask you, what do you think of Trillanes?),”

President Rodrigo Duterte May 2019

He also went on and admitted that he was also gay when he was young.

“Ako, bakla ako noon. Sinong bakla dito? Bakla man ako noon. Mabuhay ang bakla ng Pilipinas (Who is gay here? I used to be gay),”

President Rodrigo Duterte May 2019


The president went and recalled how in an event he attended before, the person sitting beside him swore that Trillanes was gay.

“Tapos kinalbit ako [ng katabi ko] sabi, ‘sir, bakla ‘yan (Trillanes).’ Sabi ko, ‘Totoo ka?’ Sabi niya, ‘Magtanong ka kahit sinong bakla at makita ‘yang gumalaw,”

President Rodrigo Duterte May 2019


While there is nothing wrong with being gay, Duterte said that he was glad that even if he and Trillanes are the same, he was able to “cure” his sexuality when he met his first wife Elizabeth Zimmerman and his current partner Honeylet Avancena.

“Mabuti na lang pareho kami ni Trillanes pero nagamot ko ang sarili ko noong kami na ni Zimmerman,”

“Nung nakita ko si Mutya sabi ko, ‘Ah, eto na’, naging lalaki ako ulit,” 

President Rodrigo Duterte May 2019

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