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It’s Doomsday For Grey’s Anatomy Season 16

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 is set to premiere this September 26, and everyone got this big question in mind as to what this season has to give to its audience of almost 14 years.

It's Doomsday For Grey's Anatomy Season 16 1

With the new season’s tagline “where do we go from here?” literally, is a pretty good question. Guess this ABC’s drama has more to say. 

Already doomed

Well, Meredith is potentially behind bars for insurance fraud, but the removal of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s most essential surgeons is just scratching the surface; enough to make us wonder.

This show’s 16th season is bound to show plenty of ups and downs (and drama) along the way.

It's Doomsday For Grey's Anatomy Season 16 2

This season 16 is already doomed, based on the new episodes so far. Still, whatever Shonda Rhimes has in store for the season ahead needs to be enough to dig almost everyone out of the hole they’re currently in.

Hence, brace yourselves and trust that season 16 is going to be a lot. Here’s why.

Meredith’s shaky future

After DeLuca took the fall for her and turned himself in for the insurance fraud, Meredith committed to getting coverage for a patient seeking asylum. She just couldn’t let him sit in jail for a crime she did.

It's Doomsday For Grey's Anatomy Season 16 3
Mirror UK

If we think about it, this makes sense. Meredith didn’t want DeLuca to serve jail time for her. Hence, she also felt she had no choice in letting a child go without the care she desperately needed.

Three doctors fired due to fraud

At the end of the season, Meredith, Alex, and Richard were all fired because of Meredith’s insurance fraud.

Well, this means three of the four doctors who have been on the show since the first season no longer works at the hospital.

It's Doomsday For Grey's Anatomy Season 16 4
ET Canada

The question now is “Do fans even want to watch a show where Richard, Alex, and Meredith aren’t working at Grey Sloan Memorial?” What if it becomes the Miranda Bailey show? Not that bad, huh?

Many loopholes to answer

There are many loose ends that need to be tied up this season. Owen and Teddy are starting a relationship, Jo entered treatment for her depression, Meredith is facing the repercussions of her criminal activity, Alex and Richard are unemployed, and many others.

It's Doomsday For Grey's Anatomy Season 16 5
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In a nutshell, it needs to be wrapped up. Meredith still deserves better.

What do you think about this upcoming season? Do you share the same sentiments? Let us know!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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