Jollibee: Filipino Fast Food Phenomenon

One big bucket of Chickenjoy, half regular and half spicy with three big cups of gravy! Yes! May all those who read this salivate from the get-go. Let all your appetites crave for the magic that only the happiest place in the Philippines can serve, JOLLIBEE! Jollibee has taken the fast food world by storm. The naturally Filipino multinational fast-food chain is a trailblazer to the crown with over 1200 Jollibee outlets worldwide, with Presence in Southeast Asia, The Middle East, East Asia, North America, and Europe. The Great Jolly Bee has been a staple comfort food for four and a half decades and Is a part of every Filipino’s psyche. That is three generations of faithful fellowship and close relationships built on the love for Jollibee. As of December 2016, JFC operates 150 Jollibee restaurants situated in foreign countries, and to the foreign preference and taste, Jollibee brought a unique repertoire of food Items that captured the interests of foreign foodies. One taste of our home pride Jollibee and the rest was history…

That Filipino Homecooked Hospitality

Jollibee food items are our soft introduction of the Filipino kitchen to the curious foreign palate. Jollibee food menu consists of cross over food that is familiar to the western world. Foods like Yum Burgers, Jolly Hotdog, French Fries and Jolly Spaghetti. All too familiar to the estranged taste, but with a Filipino twist that sets it apart from anywhere else. The Jolly Hotdog can give a Jumbo ballpark a run for its money any day. Anybody can either get a love and hate relationship with the Jolly Spaghetti. Sweet, Creamy and Cheesy variant to the old Italian classic pasta, with Filipino, hotdogs in it.

As the hungry ones ease into the Jollibee Menu, they are introduced to some homeland food like the Palabok or fiesta noodles. Jollibee Filipino Breakfast menu that acclimates the alienated tongue to the Silog culture of the Filipino table. The infamous sweet flavors of Philippines’ very own Halo-Halo and the undisputed and inimitable tryst of fruity heaven with the soulful Peach Mango Pie. A perfect symbol for what is foreign to our country, Peach and the epitome of Philippines’ most famous fruit, Mango. Put it together, and the result is a pastry perfection, unlike anything you ever had before. At the end of every Jollibee meal, one shall find themselves saying, I love Filipino Food.

Finger Lickin King Of Chicken

There is a very good reason for having a dedicated section for this subject matter. The battle for fried chicken superiority is by no means an easy task. The contenders to the crown have established their signature taste in the world stage longer than Jollibee did. Fried chicken heavyweights like KFC and Popeyes are established fried chicken joints, known all over the world. As a trailblazer, Jollibee is not one to be intimidated, ignored or looked down upon. Just like The OFW’s who leave their hometowns to faraway places and establish their own conquest. They might’ve been there first, they might be the hometown favorites but a taste of that Crispylicious… Juicylicious… Chickenjoy will give their familiar tongues amnesia, and forget the good ole’ memories of their usual fried chicken. Let this be known that it doesn’t matter if it is their first time or the hundredth time to eat the Jollibee Chickenjoy, everybody will have a taste of homecooked fried chicken like the best version of your momma’s country fried chicken… every single time.

Chickenjoy has a perfect balance between sweet and saltiness. An impeccable crisp on the outside and explosive juiciness on the inside. Jollibee Chickenjoy does not use a thick batter to bulk up their chicken pieces only to be soggy and pasty when time passes. Jollibee remains fresh and crispy, golden like the sunset on a Tuscan afternoon. As if that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love with it, the gravy is not to be ignored because Jollibee gravy is not made up of chicken fryer sediments and flour slurry. Jollibee gravy has a distinct flavor designed to enhance the glorious taste of the Chickenjoy. Good enough to dip your fries in it. Good enough to eat it with burger and rice. Good enough to eat on its own. If any of the fast-food fried chicken heavyweights want to claim the throne and be self-proclaimed king? The new kid on the block, Jollibee Chickenjoy, is here to say “Checkmate”.

The Mukbang Theory

As a disclaimer, this wordsmith is by no means a representative of Jollibee Food Corporation(I Wish!), A fried chicken expert/critic, or a food scientist. In no way an authority that I self proclaim. Only here to state the evident and obvious and be a voice that resonates with most.

The Mukbang Theory. Mukbang or Meokbang is a Korean term that means to broadcast live with audiovisuals a large amount of food as they interact with their audiences. The word is a combination of the words Meokneun which means eating, and Bangsong which means broadcast. The popularity of Mukbang videos caught a following and it spread like wildfire. Featured on Facebook posts and trending Youtube videos. In this theory, we will evaluate 2 Mukbang video channels that featured Jollibee in their channels.
The current and fairly new channel and lastly the established Mukbang channel. Let’s see how Jollibee affected their Mukbang careers.

GesBee Eating– This adorable couple from Toronto is the one who inspired this article. Ges is a Haitian and Bee is a Korean that lives in Canada. Their Mukbang reactions are priceless and are mostly done inside their Car or in a table. The fairly new channel has a humble following of 11,769 including yours truly. Their most popular uploads are their Toronto Jollibee Mukbang video with 247 thousand views uploaded 11 months ago, and their Jollibee vs Popeyes Challenge with 57 thousand views uploaded 2 months ago.

Nikocado Avocado 2– The solid Mukbang dude, releasing Mukbang videos on a daily. His channel is not new, but his food Mukbang videos took off within the recent 12 months. With a following of 476,267 including myself. He is a solid source Mukbang channel. Some of His Highest viewed videos are his Jollibee Mukbang video at 441 thousand views created 1 year ago, Jollibee Chicken Feast with a whopping 1.6 million views made only 6 months ago, and his First Time Trying Jollibee Sides Mukbang video with 391 thousand views, uploaded only 3 weeks ago.

There are a lot of other Mukbang Channels that featured Jollibee in their videos. This Mukbang theory is inclined to believe according to evidence that Jollibee Food has slain each and every one of their Mukbang challenges. Against any competitor and by any foreign food preference, especially the Jollibee Chickenjoy. It is also evident that Jollibee Mukbang Videos racked in so much more views than any of their Mukbang videos and gained more subscribers for their channel, That includes this scribe. Therefore we conclude and established that Jollibee is a top competitor in the fast food world stage, serving quality restaurant style fried chicken for a fast food price.

On a lighter note. Jollibee food does not only give Filipinos a sense of pride for their own gastronomic creations, but Jollibee is also and will always be a family oriented fast-food chain. A place where happiness is a Hero. From a country that is divided and to a world full of difference and prejudice, Jollibee is a beacon of hope that brings all people from all walks of life together, to share a table of good soul food. Now, how about that great bucket of chicken! Let’s Eat!


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