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Kiko Pangilinan Protests on The ‘Bahay Pag-asa’ 1B Fund; Erwin Tulfo Hits Back

Erwin Tulfo slams Senator Kiko Pangilinan on his radio program last Thursday for the latter’s comment about Bahay Pag-asa shelter program. 

Is 1 Billion Fund Too Much?

The veteran broadcaster from the Tulfo brothers, Erwin berates Senators Kiko Pangilinan and Risa Hontiveros for making a disparaging statement about the Bahay Pag-asa project. According to Tulfo, Pangilinan says that the 1 billion funds for the program is too much and could go to corrupt officials handling the project.

That being said, the news anchor interviewed officials from the Department of Social Welfare and Development and LGU to further explain the objective of such a program. 

Abolish Juvenile Justice Act

The enraged Erwin Tulfo swears to run for Senate in 2022 and abolish the Juvenile Justice Act, a bill authored by Senator Pangilinan. Tulfo believes that such a mandate has its flaws in a way that kids caught for an offense were just bound to return to their homes or slums when not properly taken care by DSWD. 

Bahay Pag-asa Nationwide Project 

Erwin Tulfo sees 1 billion fund fit for the Bahay Pag-asa program of the administration. This project would not be a small house, but a high-fenced facility which will prevent minors from escaping the shelter. The project aims to build shelters to various provinces and to cities with a high rate of CCL (child in conflict with the law). 

What is Juvenile Justice Law? 

Juvenile Justice Law prohibits minors who committed an offense to enter jail and intermix with the regular prisoners. The mandate is a system that covers the children in conflict with the law to receive proper proceedings, rehabilitation, and integration to ensure their healthy growth as an individual. 

Erwin insists that 18-year olds are aware enough of what is right and wrong, thus agrees to lower the criminality age to 9, as first proposed. However, kids these days are being used by syndicates to be the worst they can be for they are exempted from entering regular jail when caught red-handed. 

Opposing Side 

Tulfo castigates Pangilinan and fellow opposition members for always taking the opposite side and negate the decisions of the current administration.

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