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Laughter Is The Sweetest And Best Medicine: Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Humor may be the highest of the defense processes of the psyche.
-Sigmund Freud

Laughter is our body’s expression to something humorous and joyful. It is one of the innate qualities we have as humans along with crying, astonishment, surprise and more.

However, as we grow older, life tends to be more complicated. We have numerous responsibilities to attend that usually we end up burnt out feeling depressed and most of the time – sick.

We forget that life is meant to be enjoyed.

Why is laughter so important?

Laughter Is The Sweetest And Best Medicine: Here Are 6 Reasons Why 1

Research shows that the field of medicine has long recognized the importance of laughter. In the 1300s, Henri de Mondeville, a surgery professor, promoted post-operative therapy about humor.

Norman Cousins, a professor, and a journalist, also started this trend when he advanced his own “treatment,” about mood elevation through laughter.

American College of Cardiology, Michael Miller, M.D., of the University of Maryland, also detailed that in a study of 20 healthy people, evoking laughter did as much good for their arteries as an aerobic activity.


Why you should laugh more often

  1. Laughter boosts the immune system – Research suggests that laughter improves the natural killer (NK) cell activity. Low NK cell is linked to less resistance and increase morbidity in people with cancer and HIV.
  1. Laughter lightens stress – Feeling stressed lately? Laughter can help you on multiple levels by distracting you from your problems! It basically provokes the release of the natural the feel-good chemicals in our body, decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies.
  1. Laughter relieves pain – You can now actually laugh away the pain. Laughter increases the release of endorphins that helps relieves muscle tension and therefore acts as a natural pain killer.
  1. Laughter burns calories as much as exercising –  A scientists went on to evaluate that 15 minutes of laughter per day will burn 10 to 40 calories, depending on a person’s weight and the intensity of the laughter.
  1. Laughter is good for the heart – It prevents the buildup of plaque in the arteries and increases blood flow, similar to exercise, therefore decreasing the risk of having a heart attack.
  1. Laughter can help you live longer – with all the health benefits of laughter like promoting the increase of endorphins to It has been shown to exercise many of the muscles of your body. Scientific studies on laughter prove the age-old belief that laughter is at the heart of a healthy life.

As you can see, there are already lots of evidence that laughter does so many good things for us. Not to mention, It’s free and contagious!

What are you waiting for? Share a good laugh with your friends and family every day!

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