Leni Robredo Praised Vico Sotto For Defending Naga City Of Being a Hotbed Of Dru9s

Newly elected mayor of Pasig City Vico Sotto can’t seem to get enough of the limelight as he hogged the headlines recently after his purposeful “defiance” against the president. First, he carefully stated that he doesn’t want to be a part of the president’s ruling party, and then, his “#marcosNOTahero” tweet resurfaced on the internet, and now, another tweet of him resurfaced as he defended the city of Naga after the administration tagged it as a hotbed of dru9s.

Robredo Elated

Vice President Leni Robredo, who is a native of Naga, was pleasantly elated by Vico Sotto’s pronouncement defending the city. The administration, as well as the PDEA, tagged the city of Naga as a hotbed of illegal dru9s, but Vico Sotto, said that Naga is a city worthy of praise since there is unity between the citizens.

In one of his tweets to his millions of followers, Vico Sotto expressed his support for Naga. “It really is a hotbed here!” Sotto tweeted in Filipino. “Hotbed of citizen empowerment and participation in governance!!”.


Robredo Piggybacking?

In return, Leni Robredo said the city of Naga will wholeheartedly support Vico Sotto in his governance. In any event that Vico Sotto may face challenges, the vice president and the people of Naga will be there to offer him guidance and support.

Robredo also advised the new Pasig Mayor to stay on course despite the hardships that he will face along the way. It is given that the road to good governance is never easy, there will be many temptations, but the vice president hopes that Vico won’t fall for these and stay the course.

“There will many temptations, many shortcuts that will come, that he will go through. But I hope his focus will always be there,” the vice president added.

Issue Based Vico Sotto

The recent actions of Vico Sotto elicited mixed reactions from the netizens. There are some who thinks he is in defiance of the administration and thinks that he is slowly but surely showing his skin as another “dilawan”.

But in a recent interview, Vico Sotto reiterated that his form of politics is more of “issue-based” and not the usual partisan politics that we are used to. He shuns both the Dilawan and the DDS, and is more focused on the issues at hand, rather than traditional politics.

Source: Inquirer.net

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