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Live Longer & Be Rewarded

People greeted and congratulated Lola Juliana Merin for celebrating her 100 years of existence.

President Rodrigo Duterte with MWSDO Maam Connie Martinez together with other employees of DSWD acknowledged her and gave her 100,000PHP through Mayor Trina Andres gift from the national government.

Centenarian Benefits

Live Longer & Be Rewarded 1

Mayor Trina Andres from Rizal, Nueva Ecija, visited her personally at Barranggay Agbanawag where she gave the incentives and rewarded the celebrant. She wished her longer and healthy life. She even told that Lola Juliana is cheerful and talkative.

In the recent post of Mayor Trina many netizens reacted, shared and commented by greeting lola “Happy Birthday”.

Priviledge For Senior  Citizens

Live Longer & Be Rewarded 2
According to Centenarian Act of 2016, it is a tribute to all Filipinos who would reach 100 years old whether living in the Philippines or abroad. In recognition of their longevity they will receive a letter of felicitation from the President of the Philippines and a “centenarian gift” of 100,000 Pesos. 

For people like lola Juliana who are blessed with long fruitful lives, below is the list of ID’s you need to submit to the municipality or the province where you are register as a senior citizen resident. 

Documentary Requirement’s To Be Submitted By A Centenarian Applicant

Primary IDs

•Senior Citezen ID or any Philippines Government ID

•Birth certificate

•Unexpired Philippines Passport 

Secondary IDs

•Marriage Certificate 

•Birth Certificate of children 

•Affidavits at least 2 disinterested person with personal knowledge of actual age and date of birth

•Old School Records


Once verified the incentive’s will be released at the centenarian actual birthday celebration of the beneficiary.


Source: Facebook


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