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Manila: Mayor Isko Moreno Says It Is Literally ‘Full Of Shit’

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno says that the city is literally ‘full of shit’ during his speech in the Rotary Club of Bagumbayan yesterday, July 19, 2019. Mayor Moreno did not sugarcoat his words as he describes the current city of Manila.

Moreno said this statement after visiting Vitas Slaughterhouse that he claimed the smell of garbage and animal carcass as ‘nauseating.’ The incident at Andres Bonifacio Shrine also triggers Moreno to describe Manila as city ‘full of shit’.

Sugarcoating won’t resolve anything

Manila: Mayor Isko Moreno Says It Is Literally ‘Full Of Shit’ 1
Manila Bulletin

“Talagang Manila is full of shit, literal[ly], not metaphorically,” Moreno said to the members of Rotary Club of Bagumbayan during his speech last July 19, 2019.

After his harsh description to the city, Moreno said that he better not sugarcoat his words because it is the reality. Mayor Isko also said that sugarcoating and hiding would not resolve anything.

 “Kasi real talk lang naman, kasi sometimes, instead na i-sugarcoat mo, or itago mo, eh mas lalong hindi nareresolba,”

Andres Bonifacio Shrine incident

Manila: Mayor Isko Moreno Says It Is Literally ‘Full Of Shit’ 2
CNN Philippines

Last Wednesday, July 17, 2019, Mayor Moreno conducted a surprise inspection at Lawton’s Andres Bonifacio Shrine. Moreno stepped accidentally on a human waste during his inspection.

The Mayor tagged the site ‘gold mine’ due to the number of human feces in the area.

Moreno expressed his disappointment after he stepped on a human waste during his inspection at Andres Bonifacio Shrine. He also questions the public’s lack of respect to the Philippine Hero’s Monument.

Manila cleaning intensifies

After the ‘poop incident’ at Andres Bonifacio Shrine, the cleaning operations in Manila intensifies.

In the first two weeks of Moreno as the city mayor of Manila, he conducted multiple clearing operations within the city.

Moreno also urges the residents of Bagumbayan to help on cleaning Manila stating that he cannot do it alone.

“So, Bagumbayan, pwede bang makisuyo? Tulungan ninyo akong paliguan ang Maynila. Please…dugyot talaga. Taft Avenue pa lang. Hindi ko po kakayaning mag-isa,”

Bring back Manila’s vibrancy

Manila: Mayor Isko Moreno Says It Is Literally ‘Full Of Shit’ 4

One of Moreno’s goal is to clean the city of Manila and bring back its ‘vibrancy’ as he stated in his speech at the Rotary Club aside from criminality free Manila.

“Tutal meron naman talagang kayong projects for the community. Let’s use the resources towards a direction. A direction, wherein together, we’re going to get Manila vibrant again,”

Moreno plans to make Manila a ‘healthy city’ by creating more green spaces as part of rehabilitating the country’s capital.

“For the City of Manila to be healthy, as a city or green city, we have to plant 1,600 hectares of green space,”

Mayor Isko Moreno said that the heritage of the city is not for the future. He claimes that residents of Manila must take care of the city’s heritage.

“Let’s bring back the old days. Bring back this kind of heritage in the city. Dapat nga ang pamana inaalagaan, hindi inaalis. Ang pamana is not for us but for the future,” Moreno stated.

Source: ABS – CBN

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