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Suprise Call From Mayor Isko’s Youngest Son Shows Who’s The Real Boss

Out of the blue, a surprise video call from his youngest son, Drake, interrupted Manila Mayor Isko Moreno during his Manila Capital Report Live — a Facebook Live session which is part of his public service.

During this session, he usually shows his toughness towards law violators, but a call from his important boss revealed his softer side.

Father Duty for Mayor

Suprise Call From Mayor Isko's Youngest Son Shows Who’s The Real Boss 1

Isko Moreno Domagoso Facebook Account

While on Facebook Live, the well-known city mayor could not reject the call from his son. The smile from his face could not be contained as he excused himself.

He told the media, “Teka lang, mga Kababayan, father duty ‘to,” followed with a burst of laughter.

The call began from a cute voice saying, “Isko Moleno,” which further lighten up his mood. He kept on saying he’s on live and airing on television, but the child couldn’t care less.

His son continued with an innocent question about why his nose has an orange color. In which he replied, “ah because of the lighting.” Jokingly, he blamed one of his personnel for his son’s curious remark.

Asking for McDonalds French Fries

Suprise Call From Mayor Isko's Youngest Son Shows Who’s The Real Boss 2

Part of the lovely conversation was when his son asked for food. He immediately knew what his child wants, McDonalds French Fries. He then invited his ‘big boss’ to say hello to all the people watching. After seeing all the people surrounding his father, the young boss made another innocent remark asking if they are his classmates.

In the Facebook Live, you would hear lots of people laughing because of this father-and-son brief conversation. The child provided a perfect breaking-the-ice moment to lessen the tension of countless issues regarding the Philippines’ capital city.

As part of his so-called “father duty,” Mayor Isko asked his son’s companion to buy food. They ended their conversation with an exchange of “I love yous.”

After ending the video call, he then said, “tosgas… dale ako french fries… ‘bat n’ya nalaman may sweldo na ako?”

Mayor Isko beyond politics

Mayor Isko Moreno is best known as a public servant. Beyond politics, he is a good husband and a loving father to his five children.

Suprise Call From Mayor Isko's Youngest Son Shows Who’s The Real Boss 3

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Source: The Filipino Times

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