Mayoral Post In Palawan Town Decided Through A Coin Toss

Despite all the issues surfacing about the results of the election, a small island town in Palawan decided that the mayoralty race in their town be decided though a simple toss coin. What’s best is that the losing candidate gallantly accepted his defeat.

Toss Coin Na Lang

In the small island town of Araceli in Northern Palawan, the mayoralty race between incumbent mayor Noel Beronio and asppiring mayor Sue Codilla became so close that it all came down to a toss coin. Contrary to what people may think, the people of Araceli take their politics seriously, it’s just that both candidates had the same number of votes.

In a report from, both Beronio and Cudilla garnered a total of 3,495 votes at the end of the tally, so they need to have a tiebreaker. Upon consultation with both parties, Comelec decided that it will all boil down to a toss coin. Whoever wins the toss coin will be the mayor of the 4th class island municipality.

It’s Perfectly Legal

For those who says that toss coin is a gambling game, and should not be the basis of a mayoralty race, then you have it all wrong. According to the Election Code of the Philippines, if two or more candidates have the same number of votes at the end of the tally, the board of canvassers can either use flipping of a coin or drawing of lots.


Both parties decided to flip a coin, and newcomer Sue Cadilla won the flip coin. She is now considered as the new mayor of Araceli town and is now awaiting the proclamation. After her “hard-earned” victory, she went around her jurisdiction in a motorcade, thanking the people for their support.

Loser Accepted Defeat

Meanwhile, the losing candidate accepted defeat like a true gentleman. Former mayor Noel Beronio said that hard as the loss may be, he cannot do anything but accept his fate. “There is nothing I can do if that was the result because I believe that that may be God’s will,” explained Beronio.


Maybe the more experienced poll losers can learn a thing or two from this noble man. Accept defeat and move on. Stop the sour-graping and help build our broken nation. Then maybe, we will have a better place to live in.


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