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Moreno Ordered a 48-Hours Clearing Operation In Divisoria

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko” Moreno ordered his staff and local authorities to clear the streets and sidewalks of Divisoria within 48 hours.

The new Divisoria

The newly elected Mayor Isko Moreno urges his local authorities in Manila to clear and remove all obstructions along Divisoria road. One of the concerned citizens took a picture of the result of the 48-hours clearing operation.

Moreno Ordered a 48-Hours Clearing Operation In Divisoria 1

Source: Gising Manila

Divisoria is a commercial center in Tondo, Manila which is known for its shops and stores with low-priced offerings. The area is filled with malls, bazaars, and small businesses located on the sidewalks. This is the reason why many people get stuck and no vehicles can pass the road easily.

Moreno Ordered a 48-Hours Clearing Operation In Divisoria 2

Source: Gising Manila

The Filipinos rejoice

This is the first time we see the Divisoria road clean without any obstructing objects or stores which makes it convenient to Filipinos. Now, the vehicles can pass by the road without the need for a long walk just to reach the area.

Moreno Ordered a 48-Hours Clearing Operation In Divisoria 3

Source: Gising Manila

The New Government

Moreno gained praises from the people of Manila for the job well done of cleaning and changing the environment in that place. Many Filipinos were happy after seeing the picture of the new Divisoria in a different light. They are hoping that the change will last long.

Filipinos, especially the residents of Manila, were too excited about the news and they hope that it will continue to get better in the future.

According to the citizen who posted this picture, before, there was no government. But today, their presence could be felt because of the new mayor. They congratulate Moreno and all local authorities for these unbelievable events happened in Divisoria.

They wished that it will be maintained forever and hope that the crime will be minimized. They are now proud to be a citizen of Manila, and they promise to continuously support their new mayor. They can now see the light for the future of Manila and its people after the clearing operation.

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