NBA Finals 2019: Epilogue To A Powerful Season, Forethought To The Inevitable Finale PART 1

The NBA 2019 season and conference finals are about to come to a decisive ending. A prelude to ending a remarkable season that came nothing short to spectacular. The dominance of last year’s reigning Champions, The Golden State Warriors, inspired the whole league’s professional drive for basketball greatness.

The Golden State Warrior’s 2018 season exhibited the team’s dominance and power a wide step ahead of the rest. Closing the 2018 season with a record of 67wins and 15 losses and plowing their way through the playoffs and capturing the finals crown for the second consecutive year.

The closest record to the warriors was from Greg Popovich’s San Antonio Spurs team with a 2018 season record of 61 wins and 21 losses.

The word on the street was the Warrior’s Domination was mostly attributed to the Super Team effect, brought by the addition of Kevin Durant “The Durantula”. Which gave the Warriors overwhelming firepower against any competition, which we clearly saw as they exhausted King LBJ and his Cavaliers and finessed their way to be the Champions, once again. This 2019 season, however, tells a different story.

The Come Up

For a minute there it looked like The Golden State Warriors versus the rest of the NBA teams. That did not sit well with the league’s other 29 franchise teams. This 2019 season did not display the hallmarks of the dominance of super teams. It precisely marked the end of the primadonna era of NBA basketball. Unlike the previous seasons before the Warriors reign, where a superstar player commands the team to victories, this simply did not fly in the league anymore. The Warrior’s dominance due to their excellent team chemistry and democratic team leadership paved the way to a much more complex and strategic breed of NBA basketball.

” A True leader makes his teammates great, But a True team can step up to the plate even without a leader.”

We saw a glimpse of this last season when the Boston Celtics lost Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving)and Gordon Hayward due to injuries and still showed their heart by leaving a trail of winning streaks and ending the season with the best record in the eastern conference, all the way to rock the eastern conference finals.

The whole league realized this and focused on their individual team’s chemistry and teamwork. Paying less attention to acquiring the best players on the league and paid more attention to existing talent and filling the necessary player positions they need to make their team solidify in harmony. NBA Fans around the world watched in awe as they saw the birth of a new era, as teams pulled up their sleeves and presented their newfound brand of basketball brilliance.

Rise Of The Power Houses 2019

This 2019 season showed that any team can beat just about anybody, Including the reigning champions. Everybody Hustled, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton lead the Milwaukee Bucks to a dominating season, finishing with a better season record than the Warriors, posing the biggest threat to the NBA Crown. Nikola Jokic and Paul Millsap together with the entire Denver Nuggets roster stalked the trail behind the Warriors. Kawhi Leonard, Marc Gasol, and Kyle Lowry make the Raptors the hungriest and most vicious team to rally for the Championship.

Other Teams that showed significant improvement are the Portland Trail Blazers headed by Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum, and the Philadelphia 76ers powered by Joel Embiid, Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons. Both these teams entire roster including the bench, all participated to make them a force to be reckoned with. The playoff re-emergence of Pacers, Nets, Rockets, Jazz, Magic, Pistons and of course the Thunders are also Main Power Houses that made this 2019 season the most competitive to date. Opinions will be thrown, arguments commence, fanboys will deny, but records and numbers don’t LIE!

Lakers: LBJ, Davis Distraction and Bruised Egos

Unfortunately, not everybody is having a great season in 2019. King LBJ’s move to the Los Angeles Lakers was very promising at the beginning, But his super athleticism wasn’t enough to inspire and encourage the young Laker roster. Falling short to make it to the playoffs and making the Clippers, the better team coming out of Los Angeles.



You can never count the Lakers out. They never fell short on the talent department. I believe their downfall was partially due to politics and bruised egos. The young Rag-Tag Laker team was just about to pick up the pace when a mid-season trade presented itself in the form of Anthony Davis.

The deal was supposed to be Anthony Davis for 3 young Laker players. King LBJ’s wish for a dynamic duo backfired when the rattled and insecure young Laker team lost their momentum as they wondered amongst themselves who will be up for trade. It was downhill from there. Lonzo Ball was injured, but Kuzma and Ingram together with KCP, McGee, Rondo, and James could’ve picked up the pieces, but t’was too much drama and too late into the season.

LeBron James is still by far the most athletically gifted player in the league, but leadership is yet to grace his legacy.

Basketball will always be a team sport, and teams management needs to stop surrendering to the whims of their superstars. Part of great coaching is being the voice that gives an outside perspective to the team inside the court. Leadership is also a huge element that didn’t manifest at all. Things that the Lakers coaching staff and LBJ failed to bring for the team. We all still look forward to the return of the King and the Lakers. What would the NBA be without them?

Stay tuned to Pinas Balita Sports for Part 2 of this segment. We will cover the great 2019 playoff season and the ongoing conference finals, plus the Warrior’s quest for the 3peat!




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