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Netizen Warns The Public About “Kissing Bug” That Nearly Put Them In Danger

A Netizen’s post is making rounds on social media, warning the public of an insect called “kissing bug”. According to the post, minutes after her wife was bitten by this insect she was immediately rushed to the hospital because of lower blood pressure, dizziness and vomiting.

Netizen Warns The Public About “Kissing Bug” That Nearly Put Them In Danger 1

What is a kissing bug

Kissing bug also known as Bloodsucker and Sipsip-Dugo is a nocturnal blood-sucking insect. It is called a kissing bug because it bites or “kisses” people on the face, more often on your lips and eyes. You may not know that you are bitten by this bug because they have anesthesia like substance in their saliva.

It is not easy to spot a kissing bug due to their resemblance to other bugs. To spot them you should look at their appearance. Their head is cone shape with an oval-shaped body with an antenna. They are usually 0.5 to an inch long and have a yellow, tan, and red marking in their body.

Netizen Warns The Public About “Kissing Bug” That Nearly Put Them In Danger 2

What can kissing bug do to you

Some kissing bug bites can be harmless but some can be deadly. A person allergic to these bugs saliva can have red itchy rashes or a life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. You will have difficulty breathing and low blood pressure that needs immediate medical help.

In rare cases, you may develop Chagas Disease. It is a severe complication from being infected by a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi. This parasite is present in the kissing bug feces. Once the kissing bug bit you, it will defecate. The parasite may enter your body if you rub the affected area and transfer the feces to your mouth, eyes or the open wounds from the bitten area.

There is no cure for Chagas Diseases that is why it needs immediate medical attention before it reached the chronic phase.

Netizens reaction

Some Netizens shared their experiences with the kissing bug, commenting that they also shared the same fate. Some had rashes but others also had a severe allergic reaction to it and were also rushed to the hospital.

They all agreed that bite from a kissing bug is not something we should ignore, and should seek medical help from professionals if needed.

Source: Facebook

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