Netizens Throw Outrage At SM As Moviegoer Gets Bitten By A Rat Inside The Cinema Of SM Iloilo

A picture of a young man with his finger bleeding is now viral on social media. Allegedly, he was bitten by a huge rat inside the cinema of SM Iloilo.

Rat- Bite

A certain Kenjie Jalagpas posted a picture of a teenager holding his finger while bleeding inside SM cinema in Iloilo. It was accompanied by another picture of a dead rat beside a cinema seat.

According to the netizen, the movie was about to start when he heard a scream coming from the front row and the sound of a rat being squeeze. It turns out that the teenager was bitten by a rat.

As per the teen’s statement, because of the absence of light inside the cinema, he unintentionally squeezed the pest making him bitten by it. They immediately called the attention of the guard to report the incident.


Management Official Statement

The management of SM Iloilo reported that their emergency response team attended the wound immediately. As per the management official statement,

“An incident occurred inside our theater in Iloilo City involving a male customer. Our Emergency Response Team was immediately on site and took the customer to the nearby hospital. An investigation into the matter is ongoing.”

SM Supermalls

Viral Post

Meanwhile, the posted picture immediately went viral as it garnered thousands of shares and likes in just a short period of time. It gains mix reactions from the netizens.

Some of them think that SM Management fell short in terms of sanitary. Others are having second thoughts to watch a movie inside the said cinema, while some of them are having doubt if the cause of the bleeding is from the bite of a rat.


Rat-bite is parlous and needs immediate action. It can cause leptospirosis and rat-bite fever. In can also cause tetanus infection. As per doctor advise, wound from rat-bite should be rinsed with water and immediately. Injection for tetanus and antibiotics is a must to avoid infection and other diseases.

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