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Often Ignored Aratiles Fruit Can Cure Diabetes

A young scientist from Iloilo City conducted a thorough research and discovered that Aratiles fruit has a component that can help cure Diabetes.


Diabetes is one of the common diseases among Filipinos. According to the Department of Health, Diabetes is caused by an increase in blood sugar level which results in long term damage of organ function, especially the eyes, kidneys, heart, and blood vessels. It may also lead to leg or arm amputation. It is considered as the deadliest disease in the country.

Often Ignored Aratiles Fruit Can Cure Diabetes 1

Alarming Forecast

Based on the forecast, the number of Filipinos affected by Diabetes might rise up to 7.8 million by 2030. It is not impossible to happen because people usually love sweets. Aside from that, Filipinos are known for being rice-dependent. Rice contains carbohydrates that convert into sugar.


A student from Iloilo named Maria Isabel Layson discovered that Aratiles or Sarisa fruit can cure Diabetes. Aratiles is a flowering plant that is usually growing in countries like Mexico and the Philippines. According to her research, the fruit contains bioactive compounds like anthocyanin, flavonoid, and polyphenol. The said components could be useful in curing Diabetes.

“Actually, the results of the study on Muntingia Calabura or the Sarisa, it does contain anti-diabetic properties and it is very rich in antioxidants,” she said

Often Ignored Aratiles Fruit Can Cure Diabetes 2

Her Dream

The grade 11 student has a dream of discovering a cure for the diseases that affect many Filipinos. Her vision drives her to conduct research with the anti-diabetic components of this usually ignored fruit.

“Nobody pays attention to the fruit and its medicinal properties. They don’t realize that it has the potential for becoming a regulator of diabetes,” said Layson.

Often Ignored Aratiles Fruit Can Cure Diabetes 3


Last February, the bright student won the National Science and Technology Fair. She also competed as part of the Philippine delegation in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair which was held in Arizona a month ago.

“I didn’t join the competition for fame. I joined this research competition because I wanted to address the problem of diabetes and how my research of Aratiles could help solve that,” Layson said.

According to her, even though she did not win in the US competition, it is still an honor and a blessing to represent the country.

Source: ABS CBN News

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