Opposition Candidates’ Claim On Filipino Voters As ”Bobotante” 

Two senatorial candidates from the opposition have something to say on the election’s partial and official tally of votes. Given the fact that none in the opposition slate was able to enter the magic 12, Erin Tanada and Neri  Colmenares echo their sentiment on the result of the poll.

Are Filipino Voters Bobotante?

In an interview from News 5, Neri Colmenares denies the existence of the so-called “bobotante.” The former Bayan Muna representative insists that the people should not be blamed for the result of the election but the electoral system.

Colmenares claims, 

“The people should not be blamed for the results here. It’s the system that compromised the election.” 

Electoral Reform Advocacy 

Despite loss from the recent election, Colmenares swears to continue his advocacy for electoral reforms despite being not in a public office. 

“I will continue to advocate for electoral reforms, but more than that, societal reforms para sa ikabubuti ng ating bayan.” 

Colmenares stands in the 24th place according to the partial and official tally from the Commission on Elections.

Lack of Education 

On the other hand, another candidate from the opposition, Erin Tañada insists that voters should be educated or at least made aware of their bet in the polls. 

“The problem here really is not the people who voted. It’s understanding [and] reaching out to them to tell them how important the votes they are going to cast.” 

Tañada claims, 

“I think there’s a need to go reach out and organize people that this vote is not just about voting for the popular. [It’s not about] voting for those who can dance.”

The former deputy house speaker stands at the 27th place in the current partial and official count from the COMELEC. 

Opposition Slate Washed Out 

As of today, no opposition candidate had luckily entered the winning circle. 

News reports claim that COMELEC has refused to disclose the “real score” regarding the technical glitches that occur during the election. The agency denies the allegations on the irregularities that delayed this year’s election poll. 

Source: News 5

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