Palace To The Rescue Regarding Weak, Sickly, And Sleepy Duterte

The PMA graduation of the “Mabalasik” Class of 2019 last May 26, 2019 was delayed for two hours because President Rodrigo Duterte was tardy and seemingly sleepy.


Like always, issues of him being sick and not well were sprung out as the president showed up late, ultimately delaying the event for two hours. Moreover, he looked kind of wobbly while he rode the military white jeep called “White Carabao”, he as assisted on his way up, and throughout the ceremony, he looked sleepy.

Of course, black propagandists and anti administration peeps jumped up at the opportunity to bash him.

To the rescue

As an explanation, the palace spokesperson Sal Panelo told CNN Philippines that the president did not look weak, albeit, just very sleepy. He was sleepy because he spent the day before working, and he only had 2 hours of sleep.

“He didn’t look weak. He looked very sleepy. He was sleepy because the day before he was working. I think he had only less than two hours of sleep. Every person who is lacking sleep appears to be sleepy as he looked the way he did,”

On the president’s tardiness:

“He was very sleepy, so he wanted to get back to bed to get some power nap since he lacks sleep… As we all know by now, the President is a night person. He sleeps at 6 a.m. The time of the event was supposed to be part of his sleeping time, but he had to force himself to wake up and dress up and attend the event,”

Disregarded tradition

Everybody knows that the Philippine president is a night owl. He usually works at the wee hours and sleep by 6am. This is why he was sleepy, he had to get up on his supposed sleeping time to attend the event.

However, it seemed that he can’t take his sleepiness when he was forced to task Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana to give out diplomas to the 261. PRRD was only able to give out two diplomas before he delegated the task.

This is naturally questioned. A mid level officer who asked not to be named emphasized that the president disregarded tradition.

“Tradition na kasi na Commander-in-Chief ang guest at namimigay ng diplomas sa graduates,”

Nonetheless, the president was still able to attend and give a speech to the graduates. After all, that’s what we want, right? A working president.

Source: CNN

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