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PCUP To Visit The ‘Poorest Of The Poor’

Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor Communities (PCUP) will revisit the areas of considered ‘poorest of the poor’ communities of the country in the coming days.

Poorest of the poor defined

According to PCUP Chairperson Alvin Feliciano, they have focused on the communities that needed an immediate help.

The ‘poorest of the poor’ communities were made up of families that finds it difficult to meet their needs and whose family income is less than P10,481, which is the listed poverty threshold of National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).

PCUP To Visit The ‘Poorest Of The Poor’ 1

The commission takes care of examining poor communities’ area that will apprehend their program, particularly the PCUP Caravan. They have selected some area based on the recommendation of the commission’s field workers and area coordinators who directly determines the situation of the communities.

PCUP anticipates the ease of poverty rate

PCUP foresees that visiting the said ‘poorest of the poor’ communities will help to decrease the rate of the poverty in the country- from 21.6 percent to 14 percent.

PCUP To Visit The ‘Poorest Of The Poor’ 2

PCUP Caravan is one of the three programs of the commission. They are actively helping the urban poor communities by giving benefits to meet their needs. They provide livelihood and employment opportunity, scholarships, free medical and dental services, and even access to pro-poor programs offered by government and private sectors. They are responsible for ensuring that these services are accessible to the members of urban poor communities.

PCUP Caravan Service to Pagadian City

In keeping with the commission’s intent of continuously providing support to the poor communities, PCUP held a Caravan at the City Gymnasium of Poblacion, Pagadian City in August 30 (Friday) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The following services were provided with the support of different government sectors and non-government agencies:

  1. Free Medical and Dental check-up (DOH, City Health, PCSO, AFP, PNP, Philippine Coast Guard, and NGO partners)
  2. Free eye check-up and reading eyeglasses (NGO Partners)
  3. Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and CENOMAR services (PSA)
  4. Vehicle registration, renewal and application for Driver’s license/student permit (LTO)
  5. Free legal assistance (PAO, IBP, and DAR)
  6. Scholarships and Enrollment for Tech-Voc Programs (TESDA)
  7. Livelihood and employment opportunities (DTI)
  8. Overseas Welfare Help Desk (OWWA and POEA)
  9. SSS and Philhealth membership PWD/Solo parent/Senior Citizen ID application (CSWD and DSWD)
  10. Job fairs for local and abroad (DOLE, PESO, and POEA)
  11. Feeding Program (NGO Partners)
  12. Free haircut, massage, and manicure/pedicure (TESDA)
  13. Orientation on Pro-Poor Programs and Services (DSWD,PCSO, DOLE, CHED, and NEDA)
PCUP To Visit The ‘Poorest Of The Poor’ 3


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