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President Duterte Declares Alliance With Russia and China

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte declares again the alliance of our country between  Russia and China in an interview with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy last June 9, 2019, on Sonshine Media Network.  The president is very vocal with the special ties between the Philippines and the other two countries.


Duterte asserted that he will not let go of his ties with Russia and China, which are the two of the biggest rivals of the U.S. The president said that both China and Russia have been very helpful in defending the country against the enemy of the state. He also admitted that he was able to purchase the supply of arms for our military and defense with the help of these two countries.

President Duterte Declares Alliance With Russia and China 1

The president also said that they have not asked a military alliance or any special favors to operate here, unlike the Americans. Otherwise, the president also said that America has been helpful, though we have a bad experience with the U.S. before he is still considering the purchase of arms to them because they now have a new policy.

Empowering Philippine Defense

DND Spokesperson Arsenio Andolong would like to thank him for the modernization of the AFP and making it his priorities. They are looking forward with the plan to modernize the Armed Forces of the Philippines and widen their options for procuring arms.

Fear of the people

Though both countries said that they help the Philippines and ask nothing in return, most of our people are wondering if this is true. The worries of some are that they will take advantage of our alliance to get what they want from us.

We can only hope the better for our country. We do hope that the friendship between Russia and China can really help us. Who would ever want a war? That would be the ugliest thing that would ever happen in a country.

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