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President Duterte Ousts BuCor Chief Faeldon

MANILA, Philippines—President Rodrigo Roa Duterte ordered BuCor chief Nicanor Faeldon to resign from his post for disobeying his order to stop the release of several heinous crime convicts.

‘No releases until further orders by higher authority’

Duterte ordered Faeldon not to release the inmates while the government conducts a review of the cases. “He should’ve echoed my orders to him. No releases until further notice by higher authority,” said Duterte. 

President Duterte Ousts BuCor Chief Faeldon 1

Although the release of convicted rapist-killer Antonio Sanchez did not push through, Duterte is upset with Faeldon “who came up with his own computation” of the inmates’ good conduct time allowance.

Faeldon to resign immediately

“I decided late last night and my orders are, one, that I am demanding the resignation of Faeldon immediately,” Duterte told reporters in Malacañang. He said that  Faeldon has to go because the BuCor chief disobeyed his order.

President Duterte Ousts BuCor Chief Faeldon 2

In response to the order of the Commander in Chief, Faeldon released a brief statement on Twitter saying: “My commander-in-chief/appointing authority has spoken. I am a marine and a marine does as he is told. I most humbly bow to my commander-in-chief’s order without any hard feelings.”

Lawmakers lauded Duterte for sacking Faeldon

Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri agrees that “Faeldon has been exposed as having consciously applied the GCTA erroneously for the benefit of heinous crimes convict Mayor Antonio Sanchez.” He believes that removing Faeldon from his post is a “timely action.”

Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon shows his support saying that this “speaks volume about the leadership” of President Duterte. He said that Faeldon’s “failure really hurts the people.”

President Duterte Ousts BuCor Chief Faeldon 3
CNN Philippines

BuCor in hot water

Duterte ordered the Office of the Ombudsman to look into the possible corruption in the BuCor, in connection to the release of heinous crime convicts.

President Duterte Ousts BuCor Chief Faeldon 4
CNN Philippines

“With Faeldon out, I am ordering all who has had the opportunity to be in that committee, all of them are with the BuCor, to report to me and to the Secretary of Justice,” he said.

“In the meantime, I will not suspend them but they will be investigated. Diretso na ito sa Ombudsman. This is a prima facie case. There’s an admission that they were remiss in their duties,” he added.

Source: CNN Philippines

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