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Raffy Tulfo’s Invitation To The Barretto Sisters Hopes To End Family Feud

Raffy Tulfo invited the Barretto sisters on his program to help fix the issues with one another.

The host of “Wanted Sa Radyo” aired his opinion about sibling rivalries then discussed the one involving Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine who had a skirmish during the wake of their father, Miguel Barretto.

He said that the Barretto sisters are welcome to vent out their frustrations through the show. The broadcaster, however, would want the sisters to settle their feud afterward.

“Welcome na welcome kayo rito, “ Tulfo said.

He added that sibling rivalry is a common problem in a family. He believed that fixing the feud among the Barretto sisters would not be easy. There have been previous attempts to make them reconcile but were unsuccessful.

“Hindi naging successful dahil malalim yung pinag ugatan ng problema,” he said.

Altercation instead of reconciliation

Even President Duterte’s effort to intercede was in vain. The anticipated reconciliation went awry, the Barretto sisters instead got into an altercation. Claudine had suffered minor physical injuries.

Raffy Tulfo's Invitation To The Barretto Sisters Hopes To End Family Feud 1

The Barrettos’ scrimmage became a national spectacle which had drawn various reactions from the netizens. The incident had been the talk of the town since then.

Word war continues

The sisters have been taunting each other through the social media after the incident. Marjorie and Claudine have appeared on separate interviews to air each side of the story. 

Gretchen, who is currently in the US, has remained on the defensive by contradicting Marjorie’s statement through her social media account

For father’s sake

Tulfo called on the Barretto sisters to set aside their differences for the sake of their father who just passed away.

“Lalo na nabalitaan ko na yung father pala nila yumao na, alang alang na lang po sa yumao niyong ama na I’m sure minamahal niyo po lahat yan, ” he added.

The invitation was made on Wednesday, October 23 after the news that Gretchen has followed Raffy Tulfo on Instagram went viral.


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