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Sandra Ramos, Cum laude – A Daughter of a Pedicab Driver

Sandra Estefani Ramos, a daughter of a Pedicab Driver, graduated as Magna Cum laude, with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, at Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology last April 2, 2019.

Poverty, is it a hindrance?

This achievement of Sandra Ramos is a living witness that poverty is not a hindrance to achieving success. Her story is indeed an inspiration to everyone that anything is possible. It’s just a matter of choice, motivation, determination, inspiration, and trust in God as she says.

According to her, she is not expecting that she can achieve such honor. Sandra said “Kahit hindi ko po alam kung paano, alam ko po ‘yung mga tao na naging rason bakit ako naging magna cum laude,” She added. “Hindi ko naranasang maging pedicab driver pero ‘pag tinitingnan ko siya parang nararamdaman ko ‘yung hirap kaya lalo kong ginagawa ang best ko,”.Sandra did not use poverty as an excuse, but she uses it as her way to success.

People Behind

Renato, her father, said that he only finished until 5th grade, while his wife Cyril finished high school. He works as a pedicab driver. His earning is just barely enough for their everyday needs. So when Sandra said that she wants to become a teacher, Renato said.“ Sabi ko sige kung kaya mo, sige susuportahan kita. Sabi ko tiis-tiisin nila para makapagtapos sila,”

Sandra Ramos, Cum  laude - A Daughter of a Pedicab Driver 1
Source: Facebook

Cyril added, her husband prioritizes the education of their children. From his small earnings a day, he set aside first the budget for their fares and projects at school. What’s left from his earnings, will be budgeted for their foods. All the sweats and sacrifices paid off when Sandra graduated as Magna Cum Laude, garnered an average of 1.49 with her degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education this April 2, 2019.

Why can’t we?

Sandra’s story went viral and became one of the trending topics in social media after she posted a picture of herself, wearing a toga while riding on her father’s pedicab. It shows how humble, proud and thankful she is to her family. She hooked and won the admirations from the netizens. Awaken and inspires the people who are in her the same situation.

Sandra Ramos, Cum  laude - A Daughter of a Pedicab Driver 2
Source: Facebook

Who will not feel envy with the kind of daughter of Renato and Cyril have? – Who will not admire too, of the kind of parents that Sandra has? Indeed, their family is a living inspiration to everyone. If Sandra and her family can, why can’t we?

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Posted by GMA News on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Source: Facebook

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