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SEC Releases A New List Of 22 New Investment Scams Targeting Online Investors

Last May 31, 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued an advisory regarding numerous unregistered investment companies that draws the public to put their money into financial schemes that give high profit.

Easy Target

According to the SEC, people nowadays utilize social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other web sites to look for investment opportunities to diversify their funds. Consequently, they fall prey to online investment schemes that promise higher earnings.

Companies Not To Deal With

Aside from KAPA-Community Ministry International, Inc. (a company promising 30% monthly interest for an investment evidenced by a Deed of Donation or Certificate of Membership), the SEC identified 22 new investment companies to be wary of. The list includes:

  1. MGA Business Enterprises
  2. Coophub Multimedia Services
  3. Jogle Innovative Marketing
  4. Global Dream Zion
  5. Grappler
  6. Sherpan
  7. BCT Marketing/BCT Motorcycle and Car Trading
  8. RTM/RTM Pharmacy and General Merchandise
  9. Diamond Marketing
  10. Fusion Marketing
  11. FMarket
  12. Cirfund
  13. Vibearn
  14. Onepro
  15. BCC/BCC Cosmetics Trading
  16. Unlishop Compensation Plan Marketing
  17. VUCC
  18. Bitrain
  19. Tcoin
  20. Crowd Royals
  21. ADA Farm Agri Venture
  22. Nermie Marketing/Nermie Health and Beauty Products Trading

These entities listed started to get money from investors by offering investment contracts via Facebook pages or secret Facebook groups and chatrooms. They make people believe that the funds were invested in forex, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to prove its capacity to earn higher returns.

Based on the reports, these companies require the investors to pay their initial investments thru bank deposit,, GCash, remittance centers, or thru its authorized agents. Afterwards, copies of the proof of payment should be sent via private messages. Mode of payout is thru the same channels where you pay in.

SEC Releases A New List Of 22 New Investment Scams Targeting Online Investors 1

Red Flags

The SEC reminds the public that it is a violation of the Securities Regulation Code if such investment schemes involve the sale of securities (e.g. money, cryptocurrency, and the likes) without a license from them. They also warned the people about the three common red flags to watch out for.

One should be cautioned if investment entities promise to pay “unrealistic gains” usually ranging from 10 to more than 100 percent returns. It probably is a scam if it is too good to be true. Another red flag is a commitment of “guaranteed returns”. According to SEC, every investment involves risk. Lastly, when companies wanted you to invest right away without giving you time to think about their proposal.

The Enforcement and Investor Protection Department of the SEC is always open if the public wants to report occurrences of investment scams.


  1. Nancy reyes Nancy reyes June 9, 2019

    Nawala na sanlist ang Organico at Broilerpreneur, ibig ba sabihin they are cleared na? Pwede na maginvest sa kanila?

    • Charlotte Charlotte Post author | June 14, 2019

      Hi, Ms. Nancy. Ito po ay bagong listahan na galing sa Securities and Exchange Commission. Wala pong nabanggit tungkol sa clearance ng mga naunang pinangalanang involve sa investment scam. Mas makabubuti po na mag ingat at maging updated sa balita. Salamat po sa pagbisita sa aming website. Makakaasa po kayo ng mga balitang makatutulong sa Sambayanang Pilipino.

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