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Street Guy Harmed A Lady Driver for 100 Pesos

A scavenger tried to hit a lady driver as she failed to give 100 pesos to him. Allegedly, the beggar was also an addict which explains his attitude.

Last Thursday, June 25, Mane Teodoro posted a video on her Facebook, about the incident they experienced while driving along Guadalupe Northbound. In the middle of traffic, a guy who just showed up in front of their car, blocking their way and asking for money with a rock on his hand.

The guy seems to be not on his proper mind, Teodoro alongside her friend was too scared to go out of their car because they are both ladies.

The street guy tried to harm the lady

The street guy went on her window asking for money, Teodoro opened her window a little bit and gave him a small amount of money but the street guy insisted that he wants 100 pesos.

When Teodoro said she doesn’t have a hundred to give, the street guy forced his hand to get in. However, she managed to stop him and quickly closed the window.

But the street guy’s hand was caught in between the window, so Teodoro tried to clear out the hand of the street guy on her window before she goes.

The wrecking of the lady’s car

While she was trying to pull out the street guy’s hand, he smashed the windshield of Teodoro’s car twice using a rock on his hand, and after that, he also smashed the side door.

After Teodoro got away from this guy, she quickly looks for help (MMDA) to report what has happened to her and with her friend. They found an MMDA personnel in an emergency bay in front of SM Megamall.

Another incident

A few minutes after the incident, the scavenger found another victim and he again tried to damage the driver’s car when the driver failed to give the exact amount he wants.

According to the netizens, the street guy might be using illegal drugs, that’s why he behaves like a criminal. They said the government especially the MMDA must have a full force to monitor each of the roads in the Manila area and secure the safety of all drivers. Other said, just hit that man when he blocks your way because your life is in danger.

This is for the awareness of all citizens to be more careful and cautious to their environment. Always be alert all the time, because our life might be in danger.

Source: Mane Teodoro

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