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Terms Of Leash On PETential Passengers


What is supposed to be a Pawsitive development for our pet loving nation, became the butt of a joke in social media. Things didn’t turn out the way LTFRB expected it to be when they announced the memorandum allowing pets to ride public utility vehicles(PUV).
The Law stated that effective by April 15, 2019, Pets are allowed to ride commuter vehicles provided that specific rules are followed.

Ridiculed as it is in social media, this mandate is nonetheless a solid rule to protect our pet owners from discrimination and rejection when they are traveling with their pets. The only downside that came out of this is the fact that some of the rules seemed short-sighted and somehow incomplete. Netizens of Facebook were quick to jump into the comment section and air out their sentiments and the results were a myriad of jokes and hilarious commentary. One must ask why it turned out the way it did, and so shall we.

Terms Of Leash On PETential Passengers 1

The First Rule Of Pet Club, Is You Never Talk About Pet Club

The first rule of the decree was “These animals are put inside carriers/cages and placed at designated animal compartment of the PUV, should there be other passengers inside the PUV.” Fair enough, because this is actually practiced on province bound buses with air-conditioned compartments. People who usually bring their pets with them to their provinces are already doing this. But what about Jeepneys? Where is the designated pet compartment located at? Topload perhaps? Not a good Idea for the city eh? As a matter of fact, PAWS strictly prohibits live animals placed in the cargo hold of buses. It is done anyways.

Terms Of Leash On PETential Passengers 2

The second rule is a bit more clear. ” If there are no other passengers, pets may be allowed to be carried by the owner as long as said animals are free from foul odor and that the owner maintains cleanliness and sanitation. Further, the possessor or pet owner shall be responsible for the damage that the pet may cause, including the cleaning and sanitation of the PUV, as may be necessary.”
This is a good rule and should be practiced as common courtesy. These rules are not looking too shabby after all.


Now the third rule captures the whole gist of this legislation. You gotta love it. “Safety, convenience and comfort of the passengers shall not in any way be sacrificed.” Comes to show that sometimes concise is much more precise. This rule in itself could stand on its own.

Filipinos Riding With Animals

Unless you were privileged and raised with a silver spoon. You should’ve already had a chance to ride public transportation, and shared a ride with animals. Whether it’s a pet or livestock we’ve seen them all. I remember a vivid memory as a child riding the provincial bus with my mum, and having a box with holes all over them, adjacent from me. Beaks poking out and everything. In another instance was a Goat right next to me inside a military cargo plane heading to North Cotabato, but that is another story for another time.

With or without this law, Filipinos are already traveling with their pet animals. To this day, we could still find ourselves sharing the same commute with animals on board. Not all Filipinos can afford to buy their own personal vehicles, and most will have pets before owning a car. So we move forward together with our animal pals, and the commute is life.

Terms Of Leash On PETential Passengers 3

All Jokes Aside

So, what did they miss? According to some of the netizens on Facebook that gave their honest reviews, the law released by the LTFRB should have been more specific on which animals should be allowed in public utility vehicles. Dogs as jeepney barkers might be cute, but imagine if somebody sitting right next to you in a jeepney had a reticulated python pet. PARA!!!!!

All in all, these loopholes are just minute details that we tend to get picky and critical about. The third rule covers all exceptions and demands full responsibility from all pet owners of any kind of animal. All jokes aside, these rules are here to protect us and our way of life. It makes it legally binding for our pets to indiscriminately ride along with us. Don’t get me wrong the jokes were entertaining at best. Let’s just give credit where credit is due. LTFRB is always criticized and bashed by the public. They are just doing what they can, for our own benefit and to the best of their knowledge. Let’s give em a break. Give them a good round of appaws!

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