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The Controversial Issue Between Bea Alonzo, Julia Barretto, And Gerald Anderson

The breakup of the Bea-Gerald couple became controversial as Julia Barretto’s name surfaced as the reason for it. Julia got accused cheating with Gerald and received negative feedback from the fans of Bea Alonzo and other netizens.

Issue of the third party surfaced when the photos of Julia and Gerald at the birthday party of another actor, Rayver Cruz, caught the attention of the netizens. The photo received negative feedback because of the alleged sweet gestures of Julia and Gerald towards each other.

Bea posted ENOUGH

The Controversial Issue Between Bea Alonzo, Julia Barretto, And Gerald Anderson 1
Philippine News

Bea’s posted a black picture on Instagram last July 12. The caption of the picture caught the attention of the netizens and caused different reactions from her fans. 

“You can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake anymore, it’s a choice. ENOUGH.”

This post was believed to pertain to Gerald Anderson.

Her post received different reactions from the netizens. Other sympathize with her while others threw negative comments about Julia Barretto. 

Bea Alonzo also said that Gerald just stopped talking to her and that there’s no official breakup.

“To my understanding, we did not break up. He just started not talking to me,” Bea Alonzo said.

Gerald claimed there’s no third party

The Controversial Issue Between Bea Alonzo, Julia Barretto, And Gerald Anderson 2
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Gerald Anderson finally gave his statement about his breakup with Bea Alonzo. He stated that there is no third party in the said breakup issue.

“Walang outside force, walang ibang tao ang naging dahilan ng breakup. Para sa akin, it’s always been our personal issues, things that we… Things inside our relationship [that caused the breakup],”

Anderson also said that the relationship is not healthy anymore and that they are just hurting each other.

“Siguro ang nangyari, just like any relationship, we had fight after fight after fight. Then we had that one big fight na d’on niya nailabas lahat ng emotions and feelings,”

“Doon din ‘yung realization na hindi na siya masyadong healthy, and we’re just hurting each other. Iyon, umabot sa point na ayawan na talaga. And then after that, you have to stay strong and disciplined para umiwas muna sa communication. Siguro, that moment, or that fight, happened about four weeks ago, mga isang buwan na siguro,”

On the other hand, Gerald admitted that he is courting Julia Barretto when Julia’s father, Dennis Padilla, asked him if he is courting his daughter.

Julia calls out ‘bullying’ to Bea Alonzo

The Controversial Issue Between Bea Alonzo, Julia Barretto, And Gerald Anderson 3
CNN News

Julia Barretto breaks her silence posted on her Instagram about the controversial issue of her involvement of Bea-Gerald breakup.

She cleared that she’s did not cheat on Joshua Garcia and that they broke up four months ago before the issue. Julia also said that Gerald already cleared that there is no third party in his breakup with Bea Alonzo.

“Let’s be clear: Josh and I had broken up four months ago. We have publicly admitted it together and we have cleared that there was no third party involved. From now on, anything I do in my private and love life is not considered as cheating, and is none of anyone’s business,” Julia said.

 “I would like to disassociate myself from the breakup of Bea and Gerald. Their issues are entirely their own,” she added.

Julia also calls out “bullying” to Bea Alonzo. She said that Bea is using her influence to promote social media irresponsibility and that she refuses to be Bea’s victim.

“You have encouraged a culture of hate by purposely liking harmless photos, putting malice into the minds of many, which resulted in the outrage of insults against me. You are a woman of great influence and following. You could have used that power to promote strength and grace in women, but instead, you’ve used that to promote social media irresponsibility. That is downright bullying,”

“You can play the victim all you want, but I refuse to be your victim. This post is not enough to sum up everything I went through. I took the time to step back and take a look at the situation that I am in,” 

Julia ends her post saying that she’s setting herself free and that she’s getting her soul back.

“This is me getting myself free and getting my soul back.”

Source: ABS – CBN News

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