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The Eco-concrete Friendly Invention

An environmentally friendly concrete that was invented by UP Engineering students recently won the championship in an international competition in Quebec, Canada last March 24, 2019. Their entry topped a field of over 20 major universities competing from all over the globe.

The Competition

This student competition aims to promote the idea of environmental performance in concrete mix design as an important aspect of sustainability. Teams thus have the mission to develop an innovative concrete mixture, which will have the lowest possible environmental impacts while maintaining optimal mechanical and durability performances.

To achieve this goal, teams are encouraged to seek out and use local resources of concrete materials such as supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), alternative SCMs, fillers, recycled and alternative aggregates, and other environmentally friendly materials.

Filipino- World-class

The Philippine entry, submitted by Angelica Anne Munar, Ryan Christopher Ramelo, Paulo Santos and Alexis Declaro, a group of civil engineering students from the University of the Philippines, who were advised by UP Diliman faculty Justin Jesse Limbo Seranilla and Christian Orozco won over the 20 different top universities in the world.

The Eco-concrete Friendly Invention 1
Source: GMA

They used recycled materials such as fly ash and waste glass combined with pozzolanic tuff, a common type of porous rock found within and around the university campus in Quezon City instead of gravel and cement. The team took home the $750 prize after winning the competition. Indeed, another proof that Filipino talents are world class. “Embodying excellence as one of our core values, they serve as inspirations to the rest. Your EWB Family is proud of you!” – EWB Family posted.

The Champion – Invention

The invention was measured using the five parameters which are global warming, carcinogenic impact, ozone depletion, ecotoxicity, and fossil fuel depletion. It has an average improvement of 23.9 percent of its environmental performance.

The Eco-concrete Friendly Invention 2
Source: GMA

With its further testing, the UP said, that the strength and durability of the eco-concrete invention are comparable with regular concrete, proves that an environmentally friendly yet strong and durable can produce.

Source: GMA

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