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The Extraordinary Benefits Of Malunggay

Aside from being a nutritional powerhouse, malunggay is also known for its amazing medicinal value. Dubbed as a “miracle tree” the different parts of the malunggay are used to treat hundreds of illnesses including arthritis, asthma, cholera, and some types of STD. 

The following are the different surprising health benefits of this vegetable icon:

Superfood against malnutrition

Malunggay is loaded with many essential vitamins and minerals at high levels.  Its leaves contain 7 times more vitamin C than oranges, 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, 4 times the calcium of milk, 3 times the potassium of a banana, and 2 times the protein of milk. For this reason, malunggay is called the “herbal gold to combat malnutrition”.

The Extraordinary Benefits Of Malunggay 1

Furthermore, it can be grown without much effort since it doesn’t have to be cultivated and fertilized regularly. It is also drought-resistant allowing people to grow malunggay even in high-temperature areas.


Nursing mothers’ best friend

Malunggay boosts breast milk supply making it every lactating mother’s best friend. It is considered as a natural galactagogue – a substance that increases the volume of a mother’s milk. It is also loaded with iron, calcium, vitamin K and protein which breastfeeding mothers need a generous amount of supply. 

The Extraordinary Benefits Of Malunggay 2

Water purifier

According to Dr. John Sutherland of Leicester University’s Department of Environmental Technology, “The crushed moringa seeds can clear very turbid water.” Moringa seeds act as a coagulant and an antimicrobial agent to treat water. It can eliminate between 90% and 99% of bacteria in water.

The Extraordinary Benefits Of Malunggay 3

Radioprotective supplement

A study shows that malunggay can mitigate the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, particularly in the 900MHZ range. Researchers concluded that malunggay leaf extract can reduce the negative effects on fertility and sperm count in men. Thankfully, malunggay’s powerful antioxidant and free radicals interfere with the process called reactive oxidation stress that damages the cells in the reproductive system.

The Extraordinary Benefits Of Malunggay 4

Arsenic antidote

A scientific research conducted in Bangladesh reveals that malunggay leaves can reduce the effects of arsenic-induced toxicity. Arsenic, a type of heavy metal can be found in grains, fruits, and vegetables. Long term exposure of high levels of arsenic is linked to lung cancer, skin, cancer, bladder cancer, and heart diseases. 

The Extraordinary Benefits Of Malunggay 5

Eat malunggay every day to keep the doctor away

Without a doubt, malunggay is not your ordinary superfood. So, the next time you see this lowly leafy green vegetable, always remember the many extraordinary benefits it offers.

Source: Business Mirror

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