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The Magic Of Aunt’s Love

Aunts are the most wonderful confidants among the members of the family. Their language of love is gift-giving and expresses it best when planning to make something special. Aunts always make the children feel loved and safe.

The Magic Of Aunt’s Love 1

Building a close relationship

Kids are often frowning when they receive scolding of doing something parents don’t like. But when aunts go and listen to them and value their opinion, these make their faces light up. It is fostering a rapport with the kids and helping them build their self-esteem.

I like this quote by Irish poet Robert Lynd: “There is something in the relationship between aunts and their nephews and nieces that is quite unlike any other. In the company of their aunts, nephews and nieces know that they are privileged persons. The bonds of duty are somehow relaxed: they have no obligations, but to be happy.”

Youngster loves personal attention, and the time you spent with these children means a lot to them.

The Magic Of Aunt’s Love 2

Keep in touch

Physical distance is no big deal nowadays. Instead of feeling terrible for not being there physically, aunts can always be there in many other ways.

There’s a lot of ways to interact with the children that will strengthen the relationship with them. Calls, e-mail, webcams, and social media can all help keep in touch with the family.

Sending an emoji will only take a few seconds of your time, but receiving one addressed for them will make them very happy and excited.

Simply in-between

The kids love to have an amazing aunt to talk about things they couldn’t talk to their parents. They are a mentor, an advisor, a playmate, a shoulder to cry on and most importantly, a giver of unconditional love.

Aunt is simply in the child’s wellbeing, not a sibling, not a parent. Just in-between.

The Magic Of Aunt’s Love 3

Best in gig

Aunts aren’t afraid to get a little wacky. They understand the significance of a good silly selfie with the kids.

They have the power of a good nose comfort. Always ready to give good nose kisses when kids are feeling blue.

Aunts treat them like they’re equal with her. Doing things together helps make the bond special.

They are constantly researching all the new places they want to treat them. They love them more than anything, and the feeling is mutual.

The Magic Of Aunt’s Love 4

When spending time with the tots, they make sure kids have a lot of fun and exercise out a lot of their energy, always encouraging them to have fun.

Aunts are very important in children’s well-being. Don’t be afraid to find ways to connect with your nieces and nephews.

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