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The Public Is Being Warned About A New Modus Operandi In Malls

A Facebook User named Meryll Dillinger posted a warning to raise awareness for the scary experience she and her family experienced yesterday.

She told about a new modus operandi of robbers to takes passengers by surprise and try to open their door right when they have just boarded their car.

It was a good thing that the mother of Meryll was able to lock her door right away so the robber wasn’t able to take anything from them.

The incident happened yesterday February 22, 2019, in broad daylight. Meryll says that it had happened about 1-2pm in the afternoon.

They were in Marquee mall in Pampanga to attend Meryll’s daughter’s dance competition. According to her, they were parked near the J.Co exit.

She posted her warning to help spread awareness and to remind the people to be more vigilant. She also appealed to all drivers, especially the new ones to develop the habit of locking the doors and not opening the windows fully.

The Public Is Being Warned About A New Modus Operandi In Malls 1


  • Tops Quinoa Dapat malaman ng management ng marquee mall yan…
  • Angela Coleen Vergara Targa Kaya pala lately laging may mark ng nose or kamay sa salamin ng koche ko parang may sumisilip. Huhu. Ate me, public mo. Tas tag mo marquee. Haha
  • Kath E Rine Makatakut na talaga ngeni dakal ng tau e bisang magobrang masalese buri da instant gang managrabyadu nala.
  • Darwin Lacson Dimarucut RN Nasa marquee din kami kahapon. Nakatakot nmn.
  • Andrea Manibog God is good pa din. Thank Him you are all safe! Public post mo ate para ma share nmin para maging aware din iba
  • Jedel Cruz Hope this people get caught! This is way too dangerous and scary­čś│ but glad to know your family is okay…

Facebook: Meryll Dillinger Santos

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