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This Man Restored The Public’s Faith In Humanity When He Returned 10K Found In An ATM

Aries Cave appealed to the public to share his social media post last May 14, 2019. He spotted a bunch of 1000-peso bills in the cash dispenser of a BDO Automated Teller Machine located in Waltermart Munoz. The post had gone viral and accumulated 27,000 likes, 5,800 comments, and 57,000 shares.

What Went Wrong

In Cave’s post, he was seen holding a receipt together with the money worth 10,000 pesos from the ATM machine. He suspected that the person who withdrew cash prior to his turn was not able to get the money. Occasionally, Automated Teller Machines malfunction. People experienced ATM horror stories such as fraud, cash dispense error, hardware failure, and technical glitches.  The latter was the main reason why such things happened during withdrawal.

A Random Act of Kindness

Instead of going home with a handful of money, Cave decided to give the cash back to the Bank. It was evidenced by the acknowledgment receipt validated by Banco De Oro. Positive reactions poured his social media account when he posted his appeal. Cave proved to netizens that there is still something to be proud of being a Filipino. A lot of people admired him for being an epitome of integrity. They could not believe that in this country where corruption in the government was chronic, there are still people like him who values honesty and practice random act of kindness.

BDO Acknowledgment Receipt

Some Reminders

According to a Bank insider, an ATM machine that encountered technical glitches may cause a delay in processing ATM transactions such as withdrawals. If something like this happens, wait for the machine to dispense cash.  It might take a few minutes, just hang on. It would be better if the transaction will be cancelled and wait for the confirmation before leaving the ATM machine. Make sure no cash will be dispensed.

If the account was debited but zero cash was dispensed, file a complaint in the nearest branch or call their hotline number to get a reference number. The request will be on queue. Resolution may take 3 days to a week because the Bank needs to check pieces of evidence such as journal reports and CCTV recordings to probe the complaint before crediting the account.

With high hopes along with the information in the receipt, Cave was expecting that the rightful owner will eventually get his money back.  Kudos to you, Kuya!

Source: Facebook

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