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Trillanes Calls Duterte Budol-budol On Makati To Cubao Travel Time Promise

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV hits President Rodrigo Duterte anew as he said that the latter’s promise is some sort of budol-budol.

“Kung budol budol, ilang beses na tayong nabudol budol, hindi pa ring tayo natuto,” Trillanes said in a conference in response to Pres. Duterte’s promise on cutting the travel time from Cubao to Makati.

Empty Promises

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, a known critic of the administration reacted “Hindi na tayo nadala.” We should have learned, remembering the promise of Pres. Duterte during the presidential campaign. Duterte promised to stop the illegal drugs in three to six months time.

However, Duterte admitted that his war on drugs failed because of worldwide problems and drug traders were protected by police officials.

Pathological Liar

Trillanes described Duterte as a pathological liar, someone who compulsively lies.

“Si Duterte is a pathological liar, hindi n’ya mapipigilan ang sarili nya, ganun eh. Nasanay siya nung nasa Davao siya napapaikot n’ya mga tao dun,”

The senator recalled in the 2013 election that Duterte told the people in Davao to vote for him but his name was not endorsed in the sample ballot.

“Ikaw ngayon e parang sinsero naman tapos kinalaunan lumabas ang kanyang sample ballot e 18 ang ineendorso niya, wala ako,”

“So napasakay ka that moment, later on when you found out e ganun. Ngayon ganun ang ginagawa papasakayin muna kayo, after niyang ibahin ang usapan, hindi mo alam ilang beses na kayo pinaikot,”

Netizen’s Reaction

Despite Trillanes remarks netizens still believe in the President and appreciate what he was able to do. One even commented that he didn’t believe that the president can eradicate the drugs within the 3-6 month timeframe but he still voted for him.

One said that he did not vote for the President because of his promises rather than his political will.

Others were still grateful even the President drug on war failed he tried to do something rather than turning a blind eye on it.

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