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Trillanes Declines Nancy Binay’s Offer of Teaching Job, Free Hospitalization In Makati 

Incoming senator Nancy Binay offered a teaching post and free hospitalization access in Makati to graduating senator Antonio Trillanes IV. The gesture which Senator Panfilo Lacson depicted as ‘camaraderie’ says the event happened at Senate lounge on Tuesday.

Special offer from Nancy Binay

The 17th Congress has ended its third regular session which highlights goodbye’s, embraces, and valedictory speeches. Senator Lacson shares in a tweet, 

“Senate camaraderie at its best in the 17th Congress: Sen Nancy Binay offered graduating Sen Trillanes a teaching job at the University of Makati with 24-hr free parking at the Makati parking lot, plus free admission to the Ospital ng Makati and free burial in the Makati cemetery.” 

Inside joke 

Lacson admits that free parking lot and burial in Makati cemetery was just an inside joke because Trillanes once lead the probe on the alleged corruption of former mayors of Makati, Jejomar Binay, and Junjun Binay. The investigation covers the anomaly on the University of Makati and parking lot.

Trillanes declines Nancy Binay’s offer yet appreciates the gesture shown out of “delicadeza.” 

Most productive members of Senate 

On the other hand, Drilon bids goodbye to outgoing opposition members, Bam Aquino and Trillanes. He describes the two as the “most productive members” of the Senate. 

Drilon wraps up Trillanes’ stay of 12 years in Senate as, 

“set the bar higher for professionals, advanced the welfare of both the public and private workforce, and increased the base pay and benefits of government workers and uniformed personnel.”

The front-runners of democracy 

Senator Drilon thanked the two for being hardworking who serve as the leading edge of democracy. He says, 

“We thank them for their immense contribution to lawmaking and, as part of the minority bloc, for being true fiscalizers and vanguards of democracy.” 

Trillanes is the only outgoing senator who did not deliver a valedictory speech. 

Source: PhilStar

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