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Trillanes Evidence vs Bikoy’s Accusation

Outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes IV presented some text messages from Peter Joemel Advincula allegedly proving that the whistleblower was not in any way forced or pressured to tell a lie. Advincula is the man behind the video Bikoy “Ang Totoong Narcolist”, involving the family of the president in a drug syndicate. The Message Shows the willingness of Bikoy to reveal the “Ang tunay na narcolist”.

The evidence

Trillanes said that he is not involved and there is no ouster plot for the president.

Trillanes Evidence vs Bikoy's Accusation 1

Wala kang makikitang ouster plot, wala kang makikitang sinusubuan siya ng script ng sinuman,” He said in the press conference.

Bikoy the man behind the video series “Ang Totoong Narcolist”, accused president Duterte of being involved in a drug syndicate but turned back on his word after the election period. He said that he was forced to testify in the video by Trillanes and other opposition members, planning to degrade the president.

Bikoy’s true personality

Trillanes showed also a video clip in his presscon showing Bikoy accusing someone while talking to another person that can’t be seen in the video. He added that Advincula doesn’t have a script while he was talking to the video itself.

“Ang point dito nakita n’yo ba na may script? Dinidiktahan siya ng kung sino? Ang mga alegasyon niya nanggagaling sa kanya with feelings pa, ‘di ba?” He said. and added that he has other videos that Bikoy was talking freely and not forced.

According to the netizens, If Trillanes was not really involved in Bikoy’s video,” ang totoong narcolist”, then why he has in his possession more videos of Bikoy? And also when Bikoy had his presscon in Camp Crame, he has also text messages about the conversation about him and Trillanes. So who is telling the truth?

The Malacanang spokesperson Salvador Panelo said that people are sick and tired of all the accusations of Trillanes about the administration. He has no more credibility to the people of the Philippines.

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