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Trillanes, Hindi Pa Daw Tapos Sa Pagakusa Kay PRRD

In the midst of the “Bikoy” issue where it was proven that the Liberal Party along with Senator Antonio Trillanes and even the current Vice President Leni Robredo has something to do with the black propaganda surrounding President Rodrigo Duterte, a brief silence occurred from the allegedly guilty party, that Trillanes broke.

The promise

During the forum Kapihan sa Senado, Trillanes dropped his promise and said that he will not stop opposing the current administration. He said that it will certainly be in a different and more creative way. And the sure thing is that he will not stop revealing the “truth” to the media.

“I will be more creative in relaying the truth to the public. Hindi palaging sa media. There are ways to do my duty to my country.”

“The approach will change definitely, depende sa media kung iko-cover ako. But I will continue to look for ways to spread information about this administration.”

Take a look back

The clash between the senator and the president has been going on and was considered “normal” to hear in our daily news.

It started when the senator accused the president and his family of having millions of pesos that they are keeping in their offshore bank accounts. He repeatedly dared the president to sign a bank waiver. Aside from that, he accused the first family of being involved in the international drug trade.

And then the president hit back, he accused Trillanes of also having offshore account which the latter debunked as he went to Singapore to prove the truth.

The president then revoked the senator’s amnesty which caused Trillanes to be holed up in the Senate for several weeks, just holding presscons after presscons. He left the Senate when the court has dimissed the coup d’etat case. The rebellion case against him is still ongoing.

What do you think will be Trillanes’ next move?

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