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UP-Baguio Professors Discover Plastic-Eating Bacteria

It’s an undeniable fact that plastic bags are becoming a major environmental concern now in the Philippines. We are now losing the natural world, as giant piles of plastic wastes slowly suffocate our natural ecosystem. They choke marine life, they clog drains and causes floods, and they produce harmful carbon emissions when burned.


University of the Philippines, Baguio, Professors – Baculi, Denisse Yans Dela Torre, Lee Delos Santos, and Mari Louise, have made a discovery that can give a solution to the plastic waste crisis in the Philippines.

They have found a plastic eating bacteria in Poon Bato Spring and started their research study in 2017. Their research study received an “International Publication Award” in 2018 – This recognition is only awarded to a research study that has been published and reviewed internationally.


The disposable plastic products that we are using every day can take over 400 years to biodegrade. This discovery is fantastic. Based on their study, 9.9 percent of Polymer or plastic can be eaten by these plastic-eating bacteria in just 90 days.

UP-Baguio Professors Discover Plastic-Eating Bacteria 1
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“So if we say ‘plastic-eating’…it means these microorganisms can break this plastic into smaller fragments in order for them to attain energy for their growth”, Ronan Baculi explained. The team assures, eating of plastics will not harm these microorganisms.


“Nagkakaroon ng significance ang ating likas yaman at nagkakaroon ng aplikasyon sa karaniwang problema ng tao gaya ng basura,” UP-Baguio Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Research Dr. Roland Hipol commented.

Netizens appreciate the importance of this research study in the managing of uncontrolled vast plastic garbage crisis in the country. They are hoping that the government are not blinded, and will move to support our very own local scientist’s research study to help in giving a solution to the waste plastic problem in the Philippines.

Propesor sa University of the Philippines – Baguio, nakadiskubre ng plastic – eating bacteria. Ito na kaya ang solusyon…

Posted by TV Patrol North Luzon – Baguio on Sunday, March 31, 2019

Source: Facebook

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