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Did Vico Sotto Defy Duterte Once Again?#MarcosNotAHero Tweet Resurfaces

Just a few days ago the newly elected and celebrated 29-year old Mayor Vico Sotto of Pasig announces that he didn’t want to be with the same party as the current President Rodrigo Duterte. He said he can support the president while he belongs to another party.

More defiance

Just days after his proclamation, Vico is not showing any signs of stepping down from the news and social media headlines.

Just the other day, his tweet two years ago about the late Ferdinand Marcos and how he is not supposed to be called a hero resurfaced.

Is this a clear defiance to the president? Or is he just practicing his freedom of speech and making sure his opinion is heard?

The Tweet

In his tweet, he urges the youth not to be fooled anymore. He screams a stop to historical revisionism.

A Millennial Mayor Indeed

Back then, his tweet was received by a mixed reaction from his followers, some agreed to him while some are saying that he should practice forgiveness.

Today, his tweet was dug up by some followers.

His solid intent to serve the country with a clear stance that he is not going to be swayed to forget his belief just to gain favors from strong political personalities is what makes Vico stand out as a young mayor.

Many of his followers and those who weren’t even followers in the first place are stating that they are starting to like the Millennial Mayor of Pasig City.

Own Opinion

Moreover, all of us have their own opinion, and we also have the freedom to express it. This is clearly just Vico Sotto stating his opinion and what he believes in.

We are sure that this is in no way meant to defy the president and all that. After all, he pledged his support to the president’s projects a few days back, right?

Source: Philnews

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