Vico Sotto Will Support Pres. Duterte’s Programs, But Wouldn’t Join PDP-Laban

The newly elected mayor of Pasig, Vico Sotto, said that he will gladly support president Rodrigo Duterte’s programs but would prefer to stay with his current political party Aksyon Demokratiko rather than join the president’s PDP-Laban party.

The Millenial Mayor

Last week saw the end of the Eusebio era in Pasig politics. Mayor-elect Vico Sotto thwarted the re-election hopes of former mayor Bobby Eusebio, whose family have ruled Pasig for 27 years. His partymate Roman Romulo also ousted incumbent representative Richard Eusebio for the congressional seat in Pasig.

Days before the election, Duterte endorsed both Sotto and Romulo which many claimed paved the way for their victories. It is common knowledge that many Duterte supporters follow whoever their leader endorses.

A Little Help From Duterte

It was reported that days before the May 13 elections, the president visited Pasig, and slammed a mayor whom he did not name for allegedly bullying his rival candidate. Congressman-elect Roman Romulo said that the remarks of Duterte clearly helped them because the people of Pasig has a “culture of fear”, and the presidents words made them more courageous in casting their votes.

“You needed someone to say, don’t get scared.” the congressman quipped. Romulo further said that Duterte’s endorsement clearly had a big hand in their election triumph, even though they were not part of the president’s ruling party, PDP-Laban.

Not Joining PDP-Laban

When asked if he will eventually join the president’s party, Vico Sotto said he prefer to stay with his small and quiet party and just focus on local governance. “I think I’ll stay with my party. I’d rather be in a small party… Tahimik lang (it’s just quiet), focus on our local government.”

“Kung ano man iyung (whatever the) programs, especially sa anti-drugs ng President Duterte, we will support it. We don’t need to be in the same party necessarily,” Sotto added.

Source: ABS-CBN News

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